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Bob Bowlsby Says That There’s No Real Movement Towards Playoff Expansion

Welp, don’t expect the College Football Playoff to expand anytime soon.



Bob Bowlsby speaking at Big 12 Media Days 2018 - The LGG

If you’re hoping for playoff expansion in college football, you may be in for a lengthy wait. During his press conference time today at Big 12 Media Days, commissioner Bob Bowlsby did not give an outright answer, but hinted heavily at the four team format being here to stay for the long term.

The four team playoff has drawn ire from quite a few coaches and fan bases, specifically in the Big 12. Both 2014 and 2016, when the Big 12 was shut out of the playoff, there was quite a bit of disappointment around the league. However, despite those past struggles, Bowlsby seems satisfied with the current format. He claimed that there are “plausible arguments” for four, six, and eight team playoffs, but he seemed apprehensive about the jump from four.

Bowlsby also talked a bit about the selection process itself, specifically the inclusion of two SEC teams last year. He said that there’s an “ongoing discussion” about taking the four best teams rather than taking four conference champions, and touched on wanting the selection process to remain subjective. It doesn’t seem that a formulaic selection process is on the way any sooner than expansion.

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