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Bowlsby Remarks On Whether All Conferences Should Play Same Number Of Games

Bob Bowlsby responds to whether all teams should play the same number of conference games.



Getty Images - Cooper Neill

On Monday, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby was asked whether he thought there should be some kind of prescription that all conferences play the same number of games. In response, Bowlsby made note of the issues those differences create, remarking that  many teams in other conferences have years where they do not play the best teams in that conference.

Even though he didn’t mention any one conference, this is true of conferences like the SEC. Teams in the SEC can go multiple years without having to match up against schools like Georgia or Alabama. Bolwsby remarked that even though he had his own beliefs on that issue, with regard to scheduling, many schools around have some “local discretion.”

The Big 12 Commissioner said that there is also a difficulty in comparing conference records when teams play the same number of games. Recalling his time on theNCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee, Bowlsby observed that a 9-9 record in the Big 12 would not be the same as the same record in a difference conference because not every team plays the best teams in the league.

At the same time, the Big 12 Commissioner did say that if he were the “benevolent dictator,” he would have all teams play nine games.

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