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Father of D’Onta & Armanti Foreman and DeShon Elliott Are Over Tom Herman

Former Texas players are taking to Twitter to criticize coach Tom Herman.



Getty Images - Tim Warner

Phew, Wednesday was bonkers for Longhorn Twitter. Out of nowhere, former Texas safety DeShon Elliott roasted coach Tom Herman and his staff in tweets that have since been deleted. And that was just the beginning as the outspoken father of D’Onta and Armanti Foreman went on a tirade against coach Herman, as well.

This isn’t the first time Derrick Foreman has spoken out against coach Herman, either. In November of 2016, as the Longhorns fell to Kansas, he made it known that he was frustrated with the play calling and that his boys weren’t getting enough action. Although, D’Onta did finish with 250 yards rushing and two touchdowns, but it was two fumbles, one of which was near the end of the game as the Longhorns were knocking on the door, that led to the loss.

Back to today – Things sparked when Elliott asked the coaching staff to “keep his name out of their mouth”. The tweets have since been deleted, but nothing is truly deleted from the internet.

And it looks like he’s not the only former player that feels this way.

And then, things went from bad to worse as D’Onta and Armanti’s father took notice of Elliott’s tweets, which sent him into a tirade of his own. Be warned, there’s graphic language involved.

Sit back and relax, because this goes on for awhile, and this isn’t even all of them…

Oh my. Tell us how you really feel, Derrick…

Here’s the thing though, this tirade just so happens to come as he prepares to launch is own podcast.

Was this a stunt to bring attention to his podcast? The timing sure is suspicious, and he plugs the podcast several times throughout his back and forth with Longhorn fans.

Here’s the thing though,  it’s clear that there are at least a few former players that won’t be sending Herman a Christmas card this year.

Since Herman took the program over, he’s made it very clear he treats who he sees as winners and who he sees as losers very differently. Winners are pampered. They eat steak. Loser are punished. They’re publicly criticized. They’re fed hotdogs. Herman is an intense, no-excuses, old-school type of coach, and we’ve wondered how that would play in the locker room in today’s day and age. Especially, with players that were recruited by Charlie Strong.

It’s not uncommon for an incoming coach to favor “his” players, and coach Strong is known as a “player’s coach”. As coach Strong was on the hot seat, his players came to his press conferences to support him. They were loyal to him. Elliott, Williams, D’Onta and Armanti are all guys that played under coach Strong.

For now, Longhorn fans shouldn’t read too much into this. Especially, until we hear these things from Herman’s players. However, it’s another indication that there may be cracks forming in the locker room. And that may be something to watch as the Longhorn’s schedule is a bit front-loaded. If the Horns drop some early games, how will the locker room hold together? To Herman’s credit, things got off to a bad start last season and the Horns finished the season by winning four of their last six games, including a big bowl win over Missouri.

Oh, and then there is this. I think Derrick underestimates how much attention small things can get in the off-season.

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