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2018 Season

A look at all the new Big 12 Uniform changes for 2018

It’s game week, and for a few Big 12 fans, their team will have a new look when they take the field.



We live in a day and age where how you look on the field is almost as important as what you do there. And I love it.

The great uniform race started with Oregon, and took another step with Oklahoma State. Now it’s seen on almost every single sideline in American college football, to varying degrees.

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And as we look toward the beginning of a new college football season, so to can we look forward to new additions, tweaks, and combinations of uniforms for the Big 12 schools. Let’s take a look at all the announced new uniform changes so far.

Iowa State

Let’s start with the biggest of all, the Cyclones, who this summer unveiled three brand new uniforms. Out go the USC knock-offs and in come… something else.

There are full cardinal, white, and black uniforms, that can be mixed and matched a number of ways.

I’m not going to win over any Cyclones fans with this take but… meh. These are more modern than the uniforms they were rocking, but in the way the new McDonald’s buildings are more modern.

The white jersey is my least favorite, and I’m not big on the numbers, but I am excited to see a tri-color combination of black-white-red.


I love what the Jayhawks did, primarily because I hated the tire-tread pattern that Adidas had on all of their uniforms last season.

The new Primekit A1 uniforms are clean. Along with the road-kill pattern, the stripe down the pant-leg is also gone. I like these. I also really like the helmet with the Jayhawk logo on one side and the “KU” on the other.

They’re not going to blow you away, but they’re a big step up from last season’s look.


The Sooners are now part of Nike’s Jordan Brand meaning they’ll be rocking the jumpman logo on all of their uniforms.

Along with the new logo, there are a few subtle changes, including a slightly wider helmet logo and a tweak to the chest lettering. Also, they flip-flopped the colors on the Big 12 logo. The border color now matches the jersey color making the “XII” look smaller.

They’re subtle changes, but nice ones. Oh, and to all the OU fans who think having a basketball logo on football jerseys is stupid, I say; get over it. It matters to all of those 17 and 18 year old kids you want to commit to play at OU.

By the way, you can rock some new OU gear with the jumpman logo this season. I’m particularly fond of the white polo.


The least exciting “uniform change” of the bunch. The Longhorns will now rock black cleats, socks, and gloves at home games.

Texas has worn these in the past, during the Colt McCoy days. They’ll stick with they’re traditional white on the road. It’s a fine change, I suppose. I don’t think it works with the burnt orange and white all that well, but, it’s not the worst look.

West Virginia

Okay, this I like. It’s a minor tweak, but for West Virginia fans, one that means something. this season, the Mountaineers will have a “Country Roads” neck bumper on their helmets.

West Virginia fans like to sing the song after big wins at home, and with what’s expected of the 2018 season, I like this. Plus, the state of West Virginia filling in for the “O” in country is a nice touch.

Speaking of “Country Roads” there are a couple of pretty cool men’s and women’s WVU “Take me Home” shirts available on Fanatics. If you’re like me, I always like a new t-shirt to start each season.

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