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Finally, there’s a Facebook group just for Big 12 fans!



We’re launching a brand new Facebook Group for Big 12 fans: Big 12 vs The World

I launched the LGG with the idea of not just building a media outlet, but a Big 12 community. In other Power 5 conferences, fans share a pride and comradery of being in that conference. That’s lacking somewhat in the Big 12.

Like it or not, the other members of the Big 12 are your team’s peers. And how they appear on the national stage directly reflects how you appear on the national stage.

So I launched the LGG in hopes of bringing the fan bases together in a brotherhood. However, by nature, it’s a pretty one-way conversation. You hear plenty of what we have to say, and I absolutely love interacting with everyone on social media, because well,  I love to talk football with anyone that will listen, but there’s really no place for you to drive the conversation.

Enter the Big 12 vs The World Facebook Group. I am super excited about the possibilities here. Think of it as a forum where the group is moderated by the LGG, but it’s really a place for everyone to share and discuss breaking news, memes, hot takes, and whatever else you want to talk about. You will also see a more relaxed side to the LGG staff, where our opinions are a bit more off the cuff and unfiltered.

Who has the best fight song, who’s mascot would win in a fight, will Kansas ever be good again at football, who invented finger guns, should the Big 12 ever take Texas A&M back (no, no they shouldn’t) whatever you want to weigh in on…settle it in Big 12 vs The World. It’s a place where we can rag a bit on each other, but if someone from the outside tries to mess with one of us, they have to deal with all of us.

One of the things we are most excited about are game threads. We feel like having both fans bases, along with other Big 12 fans, in the same game thread will be pretty amazing. Or it could go horribly, horribly wrong. The first game thread will be tonight for the Oklahoma State-Missouri State game.

The official rules for the group are here. They’re pretty generic. It’s a closed group, with the very stringent approval process of answering one question: what is your favorite team?

This Post Brought To You By: Big 12 vs The World
Talk about the this post and more on the Big 12 vs The World Facebook group. Hosted by us, it’s a place for Big 12 fans to discuss all things football! You get enough of our opinions, this is a place for you to share yours and hang out with fellow Big 12 brethren.

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