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2018 Season

Big 12 Uniform Review: Cowboys and Sooners look good, TCU not so much

We already know the win-loss results of the weekend, but who won best dressed?



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We live in a day and age where how college teams look on the football field is just as important as they perform. For the Big 12, week one was a mixed bag on both points. But while others will handle the game recaps and observations, I’m just worried about whether your team won the “first look” of the season or not.

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The Sooners came out in their traditional Red-Red-White look which is as dominate as they looked against FAU. It’s a clean, always solid go to that even those who hate OU’s guts have to admit looks good. The slight alterations with the new Jumpman brand were nice, and the Michael Jordan logo in no way took away from the Sooner brand. 4.5 stars

Getty Images – Brett Deering

Oklahoma State

The Cowboys looked much better in person and print than they did on t.v. (Thanks Fox Sports) Going white-orange-orange is a combo Cowboy fans hadn’t seen in awhile and one they’ll likely want to see again. America’s brightest orange absolutely popped! Plus, that helmet, with the New England Patriot Pete, is fantastic. 4.5 stars

Getty Images – Brett Deering


Well, they may have lost to an FCS team — again — but at least they looked good doing it. Love the blue-blue-grey combo and the new uniforms look so much better. I still don’t love the font of the lettering, but that helmet, the chrome blue with “KU” on one side and the Jayhawk on the other, is pretty awesome. 4.25 stars

Getty Images – Ed Zurga


The Longhorns’ white-white-white look is one of the cleanest and coolest in the country. It’s such a great go-to and so damn classic. That said, there was something “storm trooper-ish” about the helmets I didn’t love. 4.25 stars

Getty Images – Icon Sportswire

Kansas State

The Wildcats opened their season with a look as tried and true as Coach Bill Snyder himself. You either like the silver-purple-silver or you don’t. Personally, I’m a fan. There are better looks in the league, but there are also far worse. 4 stars

Getty Images – Peter G. Aiken

Iowa State

The Cyclones game was rained out, but we did get a look at their new uniform. As I hoped, the new uniforms look better on the field than they did in the promotional photos released in the off-season. The all red look isn’t bad, though I’m not the biggest fan of going monotone unless it’s white or black. So while they’re better than meh, they’re didn’t wow me.  3.75 stars

USA TODAY Sports – Reese Strickland


Like Kansas State, it’s all about whether you like Baylor’s traditional look or not. I do, but I think they can be so much more creative and have been in the past. Granted, when you’re as bad as Baylor was last season, it’s probably a good idea NOT to draw attention to yourself. The green-green-gold is a nice simple look and I really like the stripes on the pants. 3.75 stars

Getty Images – Ronald Martinez

West Virginia

The Mountaineers dominate performance may have elevated this look. Blue-white-blue is good, and I really like WVU’s school colors of blue and — does a quick google search — old gold . That said, I hate the pickaxe  font they’ve chosen for their numbers, especially the way the number “3” looks. Also, they have much better helmets than what they wore on Saturday. 3.5.

Getty Images – Streeter Lecka

Texas Tech

The Red Raiders looked bad on Saturday, both in their performance on in what they were wearing. Sorry, I just wasn’t that big a fan of the red-red-black look. Specifically, Under Armour does not do good things. I don’t love the jerseys and the helmet is uninspiring. Similar to Baylor, I know they can do better, which is why this weekend’s look was as disappointing as the Red Raiders’ performance. 2.75 stars

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At least the pants were clean. 1 star.

Getty Images – Tom Pennington

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