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2018 Season

The LGG Week 3 Big 12 Power Rankings

How we are ranking the Big 12 headed into week 3.



Getty Images - Brett Deering

With another week of data, not a lot changed in the power rankings. In fact, nothing changed. The week three power rankings is a carbon copy of last week.

The Sooners are still the top dog after dismantling UCLA. West Virginia still looks good. TCU and Oklahoma State still look like they may be contenders. We will know a lot more about that after this week; for the both of them.

Then, of the teams remaining, Iowa State still has the most potential despite their loss to the Hawkeyes. Texas isn’t very good right now, but how bad are they? They still have some potential, but they don’t have any more offense than the Cyclones. After that, Baylor has the most potential of the four teams remaining, so they get the seventh spot. Basically, at this point, it starts being about who is the worst of the bad. Texas Tech rebounded last week to put themselves a solid notch above the basement, and well, the entire state of Kansas is just terrible at football.

Here’s our full power rankings. Like them, hate them, let us know in the comments.

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