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Making Our Week 8 Big 12 Picks!

Oklahoma at TCU, Kansas at Texas Tech; we’re making our picks!
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If football has kept you from spending quality time with the family the last few Saturdays, this is the weekend to catch up on that. Thanks to a slew of bye weeks, there are just two Big 12 games this week and no night game.

First up, in the early slot, the Sooners head to Fort Worth where TCU awaits. Then, this afternoon, Kansas heads to Lubbock to face Texas Tech. Let us know your picks in the comments, and be sure to vote in next week’s polls by following us on Twitter at @the_LGG, and you can vote in the Facebook poll by joining the group, Big 12 vs The World!

Before we look at this week’s picks though, here are the current standings. Josh continues to crush it by successfully navigated last week’s upsets, while Phillip, Myers and Robert have a sneaky-good win percentage. Unfortunately for them, we go by total wins since everyone doesn’t play every week.


1. Josh Cowan [19-6]
2. Twitter [19-13]
3. Chris Ross [18-14]
4. Taylor Midkiff [17-12]
5. Facebook [17-15]
6. Franklin Markel [15-9]
7. Patrick Mayhorn [10-5]
T-8. Phillip Slavin [8-3]
T-8. Matt Myers [8-3]
10. Robert Spradley [6-1]
11. JR Sigley [3-3]

Oklahoma at TCU

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Kansas at Texas Tech

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