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2018 Season

LGG Week 9 Big 12 Power Rankings

Not a lot of change following a week with just two Big 12 games.

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Power rankings this week is basically a formality. With just two games last week, and both going about as expected in the end, there’s no change from last week. The contenders are still the contenders, team chaos is still team chaos, and the hopeless are still the hopeless. So let’s just get to it.


1. Texas – The Longhorns put their number one power ranking on the line for the first time as they travel to Stillwater.

2. Oklahoma – Things got interesting in the second quarter against the Horned Frogs, but ultimately, the Sooners knocked off TCU with ease.

3. West Virginia – The Mountaineers are on the outside looking in for the Big 12 Title game, but they still control their own destiny and that’s all that matters.  Unfortunately, we have to wait for the last week of the season for the WVU-OU game.


4. Iowa State – As I said last week, Team Chaos has an official mascot and it’s a birdnado.

5. Texas Tech – Oh, Saturday is going to be fun as the Red Raiders head to Ames. Texas Tech is still in the hunt for the Big 12 Title, despite the Cyclones being a slight favorite.


6. TCU – This is not the season the Horned Frogs dreamed of, but they have a chance to get their feet back under them with Kansas up on Saturday.

7. Baylor – The Bears currently trail WVU 58-14, but I’ll save the eulogy for next week.


8. Kansas State – At least they aren’t last anymore?

9. Oklahoma State – The Cowboys are spiraling, and it’s not going to get any easier with Texas up next.

10. Kansas – Is it basketball season, yet?

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