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2018 Season

Making Our Week 10 Big 12 Picks!

Oklahoma at Texas Tech, West Virginia at Texas, we’re making our week ten Big 12 picks!



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Wake up, it’s game day! And there’s a full slate of Big 12 games today. Iowa State travels to Kansas and Oklahoma State faces Baylor in the early time slot, while K-State heads to TCU and 13th-ranked West Virginia is the underdog against 17th-ranked Texas in the afternoon time slot! And then, Oklahoma puts their number seven ranking on the line in Lubbock as Texas Tech welcomes the Sooners under the lights. It’s going to be a good day of football!

First, here’s a look at the standings.


1. Josh Cowan [23-8]
2. Twitter [23-15]
3. Chris Ross [22-16]
4. Facebook [21-17]
5. Franklin Markel [19-11]
6. Taylor Midkiff [17-12]
7. Matt Myers [12-5]
8. Phillip Slavin [10-3]
9. Patrick Mayhorn [13-6]
10. Robert Spradley [6-1]
11. JR Sigley [3-3]

It’s myself, Josh Cowan, Matt Myers, Franklin Markel, and Phillip Slavin picking this week, along with the Facebook and Twitter polls.

In the early games, we’re all pretty much on the same page, except for I don’t have as much faith in the Cowboys as everyone else. The afternoon and late game picks are a bit more interesting. Let us know your picks in the comments!

Iowa State at Kansas

Oklahoma State at Baylor

West Virginia at Texas

Kansas State at TCU

Oklahoma at Texas Tech

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