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2018 Season

Watch: A Fight Broke Out In Ames Between Baylor & Iowa State, Players Ejected

Baylor’s Greg Roberts and Iowa State’s David Montgomery ejected for fighting, and it somehow got Charlie Brewer ejected as well.



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The Cyclones were pretty much in control from start to finish against Baylor, but that didn’t keep things from getting chippy as the Bears emotions got the better of them.

Tensions boiled over when David Montgomery was carried deep into the sideline and introduced to the drink table. As one would expect, Montgomery’s teammates did not appreciate the late hit on their star running back and there was some pushing and shoving while the Baylor players cleared the sideline.

Two plays later, receiver Hakeem Butler went to get up, and put his knee into linebacker Blake Lynch.

If you look closely though, it actually appears as if Lynch was trying to prevent Butler from getting up by wrapping his arms behind Butler’s knees and Butler was simply trying to push off Lynch to break the hold.

Regardless of who started it though, the fight was on as Greg Roberts and Montgomery started throwing punches.

It’s an embarrassing look for both teams, and Greg Roberts and David Montgomery were ejected from the game.

The fallout from the fight didn’t end there, though. In the fourth quarter, with Baylor trying to mount a comeback, quarterback Charlie Brewer was ejected from the game. His offense? Talking back to the officials.

The officials flagged Brewer for unsportsmanlike conduct. Here’s were things get weird. Since both teams received unsportsmanlike conduct penalties after the fight, it was Brewer’s second of the game, which is an automatic ejection. It doesn’t matter that Brewer wasn’t even on the field for what was technically his first unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

It also means, unless it’s later over-turned by the Big 12 office, Brewer will miss the first half of the Bear’s game against TCU next week. Coach Matt Rhule spoke about the strange situation after the game.

For Montgomery’s part, he released a statement on Twitter before the had even finished.

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