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2019 Season

Bowlsby Announces “Big 12 Now” Digital Network

Conference Commissioner Bowlsby announced the creation of a new channel for those who stream Big 12 content.



Consumption of sports content is constantly changing, and the Big 12 conference is trying to keep in step with those shifts. Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, in his opening address at the 2019 Big 12 Media Days, announced the creation of a venue where the league’s fans can go to view live sports in the conference. 

The Big 12 will be partnering with ESPN to create a channel on ESPN+ called “Big 12 Now,” and it will have all of the conference’s sports available “at one time or another.” Bowlsby noted that over 800 events will be carried on Big 12 Now, which will be available on practically every streaming device.

Bowlsby also noted that consumers shouldn’t have to worry about calling their cable companies to get the new channel, as it will be immediately available to anyone who wants it. That ease, Bowlsby remarked, gives Big 12 Now an advantage over conference networks that can sometimes be difficult for fans to access.

The conference is hoping to grow with technological shifts with this move. Bowlsby pointed out that, in light of ever-declining cable subscriptions, the Big 12 anticipates that Big 12 Now moves them in the direction that industry changes are beginning to dictate:

“Obviously cable is not going to go away. It’s going to continue to be a huge part of our strategy, but we are on the right side of technology. We have the right partners, and the future on this is very exciting.”

-Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby

What does this mean specifically for football fans? As mentioned in a guide posted on the Big 12’s website, one football game per season will be available exclusively on Big 12 Now. One game may not move many people’s radars, but from Bowlsby’s comments on Monday, the current Big 12 Commissioner believes that number can only grow.


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