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Miles Optimistic About Another Big 12 Turnaround At Kansas

The new Kansas head coach thinks fans will be surprised by the team he puts on the field.



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New Kansas Jayhawks head coach Les Miles is certainly excited about what he found in Lawrence when making his return to the Big 12 conference. At Big 12 Media Days on Monday, Miles praised the potential of the squad he found on hand:

“When I came in I did not know how capable this team was going to be, but I see that there is a very strong athletic base and a real capable football team in Lawrence.”

– Kansas Head Coach Les Miles

Miles was asked about the rebuilding job he did at Oklahoma State in the early 2000s, where he had three straight winning seasons at a program that had been consistently below .500 upon his arrival.

The head coach talked about how his ability to eventually recruit well in Stillwater powered success there, and thinks that something similar will happen at Kansas. In fact, he thinks level of talent might actually be higher with the Jayhawks right now. In his remarks, Miles made it clear that he doesn’t see any reason why he can’t engineer another Big 12 turnaround:

“I think these guys are hungry. I think they’ve had a great summer. I think they’re ready to put a quality team on the field, and I think there will be some similarities in that Oklahoma State experience.”

-Kansas Head Coach Les Miles

Whether the 65 year-old head guy for the Jayhawks can get players to perform like they did in his previous stint, Miles is definitely confident that anyone – including him – can win football games at Kansas.

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