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Oklahoma State QB Transferring

Oklahoma State Head Coach confirmed that Cowboy QB Daxx Garman will be transferring out of the program.



Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy announced on Monday that QB Daxx Garman will be transferring out of the program.

“I know he’s going to transfer. I just don’t know where.” -Mike Gundy said during his press conference. “I really want to thank him for what he’s done for Oklahoma State football.”

Daxx Garman dazzled Oklahoma State fans with the deep ball after filling in after J.W. Walsh went down with an ankle injury in the second game of the season. It was something the Pokes hadn’t seen since Brandon Weeden’s cannon lead the Cowboys to their first ever outright Big 12 Championship and BCS win in 2011.

However, it didn’t take defenses long to figure out that, in order to defend the big arm and full stable of receivers, all they had to do was go after the offensive line. The patchwork group short on depth had no answers for the blitz and Garman spent much of the season picking himself up out of the dirt.

“The kid is tougher than all get-out and he continues to fight.” Gundy said after a rough game against the Longhorns.

The pounding took its toll on Garman. What was once an offense known for lighting up the score board, struggled to get into double digits. Passes missed their mark, decisions were rushed, and eventually he was too banged up to go.

With just two games left in the season, and bowl eligibility hanging in the balance, Head Coach Mike Gundy called on true freshman Mason Rudolph.

Just like that, the Cowboys were back. Rudolph doesn’t have a bad deep ball himself, but his mobility and size gave the Cowboys what they were missing. Knocking off Baylor in Rudolph’s first start was too tall a task, but the offense was clicking again. An upset win in Bedlam over the Sooners gave the Pokes a bowl bid, and knocking off Washington in the Cactus Bowl cemented Mason as the QB of the future for Oklahoma State.

With J.W. Walsh returning to back up Mason Rudolph, and 4-star QB John Kolar coming in with the 2015 class, Garman most likely saw the writing on the wall. He most likely wouldn’t be seeing the field in 2015 with the Cowboys.

Looking for somewhere to play his senior year, Daxx is not new to the transfer process. It seems like the gunslinger has just been looking for a place to play since he first picked up a football. After transferring from Jones High School in Oklahoma to Southlake Carroll in Texas, Garman was promptly ruled ineligible after an over zealous reporter followed Garman’s father back across state lines and discovered that the home in Oklahoma had not been sold, and that Garman’s dad appeared to be working out of it. Seriously, a reporter staked out the residence and confronted Garman’s father at a gas station. Rules are rules though, and Garman was forced to sit his senior year.

After high school, Garman went to Arizona as a 3-star member of the 2011 Wildcat class. After Mike Stoops was fired as the head coach in October of the same year, Garman went looking for a new school a little closer to home and found Oklahoma State.

Hopefully Garman can find somewhere to air the ball out this next season and end his college career a little better than his high school career, on the field.

– Cover Photo credit: Scott Sewell | USA TODAY Sports