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Big 12 Limiting Contact Days To Just Two A Week

Bob Bowlsby announced that the Big 12 Conference will be limiting the number of days teams can practice with full contact.



Bob Bowslby behind the Podium at Big 12 Media Days 2015 | Twitter | @Big12Conference

Bob Bowlsby dropped a potential bomb during Big 12 Media Days. The Big 12 is limiting how many contact days to just two a week. That’s including the game, and it’s one less than the NCAA allows.

“We have adopted — our ADs just adopted this, that we will go with a two-contact-per-week rule that will be the game plus one other day of full contact, or a scrimmage for those that didn’t play in the game and one other day of full contact.

“We believe it’s the right step, and we hope it will become the national rule. Even if it doesn’t, we think that that’s the right way to conduct our practices.”

Anything that improves player safety is a good thing, but at the same time, is the Big 12 putting itself at a disadvantage?

Bowlsby was pressed further during the Q&A portion of his time behind the podium.

“What we determined was our guys weren’t using them anyway. So I don’t think they feel like they’re giving up anything, but you should ask them that. I think some of it is also style, and some of our guys don’t even hit two days a week.

“The other thing is there’s lots of opportunity to be in helmets and shoulder pads without full contact. When I say full contact, that means taking people to the ground. So there’s a lot of wear and tear that goes on during the course of the football season. I don’t think that we’re going to find that this is a disadvantage. In fact, I think you may find that you have a healthier team in the second half of the season.”

Of course it was something the Big 12 coaches have been asked about as they take their turn in front of the mic.

“It’s easy for us. Just on Tuesday. That’s the only day we’re in full pads besides the game.” TCU Coach Gary Patterson said. “Everybody always looks
surprised at me because we’re physical. Sunday we’re in shorts. Tuesday we’re in full. Wednesday we’re in shells. Thursday we’re in shorts. We’ve been that way really since we’ve been at TCU. Our whole thing is about being physical in the spring, being physical in two-a-days, and then when you get in the season — in this league, you’ve got to be able to pull up because of the bodies, and you’ve got to be able to get guys through to the end of the season.”

West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen echoed much of the same. It’s just not going to be much of a factor for most teams.

“It won’t affect us at all.” Dana replied

Legendary Kansas State coach Bill Snyder just took the stage, and also said that it won’t affect they way they do things.

“It doesn’t alter anything we have done. So we don’t have to make any changes in that respect.” Snyder said.