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The wait is nearly over! Football is nearly here, and I’m excited to announce the LGG’s first ever pick ’em challenge! This isn’t any ordinary challenge either. It’s ‘too tough’ for a reason. It will separate the pretenders from the contenders. Think you’re pretty good at pick ’em? We’re going to find out!

What Makes It Too Tough?

There’s three basic ways to play pick ’em. The first way is simply by picking who you think is going to win the game. This is the baby way. We aren’t doing this.

The second way is by picking against the spread. So if Vegas has the line at Baylor -35, you aren’t picking whether or not Baylor wins, but if they win by 35 points.

The third way is to play by confidence pick ’em. In confidence pick ’em not only do you have to make your picks, but then you have to rank them by how confident you are in your selection. The higher you rank a pick, the more points you get if you’re right.

We’re picking on only games involving Big 12 teams, but we’re doubling down on the difficulty. Not only are we playing by picking against the spread, but you’ll also have to rank your picks too, because we’re playing confidence points as well!

If you’re brave enough to play, we will be featuring the Top Ten on the leaderboard on the front page of the LGG!

How To Play

We are using Fox Sports’ College Pick ‘Em to host the contest this year.

  1. Join the group & create an entry
  2. Make your Picks against the spread
  3. Rank your picks
  4. Predict the final score of the chosen game for the tie break


What Games Are Eligible

We will be picking on every game involving a Big 12 team.

What Is The Spread?

Each game is handicapped with a point spread. The spread (aka betting line) is how much one team will beat another team by.

Example: The current spread on Baylor vs SMU is SMU +34.5. To make your pick you simply have to decide if you think Baylor wins by more than that, or if SMU can keep it closer than that.

Remember, you aren’t picking the winner of the game. SMU can lose the game by 25 points, but they would still beat the spread.

Where Do I Find The Spread?

The point spread is located to the right of the home team.

Where to find the point spread

Note: Games against FCS opponents do not receive spreads. Those games will be picked heads up.

Why Does The Spread Change?

The spread changes as betting changes. The oddsmakers like to keep the money even. So if one side starts getting too much money on it, they’ll adjust the spread to  as needed.

Fox will lock the spread on Wednesday at 12p ET. So if you’ve made your picks before then, you may want to double-check them.

When Do My Picks Lock?

You can make picks up to the start of the game.

Does It Cost Anything To Play?

Nope. It’s 100% free to play!

How Do Confidence Points Work?

Once you’ve made your picks you need to weight them in order from the pick you are the most confident in to the least.

If, for example, there are 1o games involving Big 12 teams like there is in week one, then you would rank each pick from 1 to 10. Then, if your pick wins, you get the number of points assigned to it.

How Do I Set The Confidence Points?

Select the up and down blue arrows next to the game.  You’ll notice that the arrows next to the other games will turn red. Simply select which game you want to swap it with. The assigned point total is in the circle to the right with 1 starting at the top.

What Are We Playing For?

Simply put, bragging rights and pride. This is our first year to hold the competition, and we wanted to make sure everything runs smoothly before going through all the red tape of attaching prizes. If everything goes well though, we’ll definitely look to give away prizes for future challenges!

For More more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, or visit Fox Sports FAQ page.