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Longhorn fans are not happy about what went down on Saturday. In case you’ve somehow already forgotten, the Pokes escaped Austin with a three-point win after Texas punter Michael Dickson mishandled the snap with only seconds remaining. The bad kick put OSU back in field goal range to kick the game winner, but it’s what happened before the botched punt that has ‘Hook Em’ nation steaming.

The game was marred by poor officiating, officiating that seemed to go in the Cowboy’s favor. The Pokes were down by three with just a few minutes remaining when a series of highly controversial penalties moved them into field goal range to tie the game.

So was it just really bad officiating, or was the fix in? According to those around Austin, it’s the latter.

Immediately following the game a Longhorn blogger went straight to the keyboard to furiously mash out unfounded allegations of corruption.

Barking Carnival: “Phantom Calls From Corrupt Officiating Crew Bury Texas Longhorns”

“We didn’t watch incompetence.  We just watched corruption.”

That’s one heck of an allegation. The type of allegation that shouldn’t be made lightly, but they have a few possible theories as to why.

“The game outcome was determined by the officiating crew.  Any other viewpoint is ignorant of objective and empirical reality.  Right now, I’m simply interested in determining what kind of human garbage we’re dealing with: pro Cowboy or anti-Texas game riggers, corrupt gamblers, straight up racists who want to undercut a predominantly black coaching staff at the state Flagship or simply petty small men who decided early on they were going to “get” Texas for some unknown slight.”

Racism? At this point Scipio has gone into full-blown meltdown, but he was emphatic, there is no other explanation.

Let me repeat – because I know what the league, talking heads and idiots are going to say in response – this has nothing to do with incompetence.  Or mistakes.  Or normal human error.  We saw multiple instances of calculated fabrication – all against one team, all at key moments in the game flow.  A drunk driver is incompetent.  A bank robber is calculating. Can you tell the difference in execution?

Were there bad calls? Absolutely there were. They just aren’t as blatantly obvious as Longhorn Nation would like us to believe. Let’s take a look at some of the more controversial calls.

Here the officials ruled that JW Walsh recovered his own fumble, and it was held up after review.

It’s hard to say Walsh recovers the ball, but he does get his hand in behind the ball before Duke Thomas has possession, and he angles his body in a way that looks as if he’s got it tucked away. I don’t know if I would have made the same call had I been the one with a whistle, but you have to go with the initial call there, and there’s a least some evidence to suggest why the refs made the call they did. It’s also worth noting that a completely different Longhorn player came out of the pile with the ball, so clearly something is going on under the mess of bodies.

Another controversial call was the defensive holding call that helped put Oklahoma State in field goal range to tie the game.

It’s not a call your see very often, and I’m not a fan of it being made here, but Ford, number 95, clearly had a hold of number 74’s jersey as it appears he’s about to fall to the ground. It’s a bad call, but often times, when an official is watching the several things at once, when they see a jersey being pulled out like that, the flag comes out. Again, it’s a bad call, but the refs are human too.

The defensive holding call was the last straw for Charlie Strong, and he let the sideline official know it. Which, led to even more laundry on the field, and put Oklahoma State within spitting distance of the goal posts.

Longhorn fans point to the official as the instigator, and it looks like the side judge created the contact. Heated exchanges on the sideline happen all the time between coaches and officials though, and the flag wasn’t for the bump, but rather for what was said. Strong even acknowledged that in his postgame press conference when he admitted that he shouldn’t have said it.

Oklahoma State had no business winning that game, and Texas fans can argue they had a good 14-21 points taken off the board. However, and this is a big one, even if any one of those calls is made different, we can’t assume the rest of the game has the exact same outcome. Texas didn’t lose the game due to a bad call either. The officials had nothing to do with Dickson fielding the snap off his facemask. Or maybe, following Longhorn logic, What if it wasn’t just the officials taking bribes?

I get it. It sucks to lose to poor officiating. It’s perhaps the most infuriating thing that can happen as a sports fan. Bad officiating happens though, and let’s be clear, this was bad officiating. It’s a little odd that Longhorn fans are just now realizing this. However, leveling unfounded accusations of corruption without any proof of money being exchanged is not only childish, it’s reckless, and borderline criminal. Sometimes life isn’t fair. If you’ve made it to adulthood, you should probably already know that. There are times we just have to suck it up, and move forward.

With over 1,300 comments on the post, The guys over at Barking Carnival aren’t the only Longhorn fans that feels that way either. I’ll leave you with some highlights from the peanut gallery.

Replay officials were in on it too.

I agree, I’ve already sent my email to the big 12 and made a comment on their facebook page for all to see.

Texas still covered though

Which is why I don’t think this was Vegas and more T Boone.

I think the league is invested in getting into the playoff this year and the officiating crews have been told as much, so consciously or subconsciously they were going to help the undefeated team stay undefeated.

How do we get out of this chicken-[poop] conference?

What if this has nothing to do with gambling or our conference at all? How implausible is it that one or some of the many teams who compete hard for the top Texas high school recruits see UT developing into the recruiting juggernaut of old and see the best way to derail that is to simply cause Texas to lose and get left out of bowl season? Seriously, who thinks this year’s Longhorns are a serious threat to any particular favorite to win the conference? But consider the educated football insiders who see what is being built here and recognize it for what it is…a serious top choice for blue chips that would otherwise be going to some other school with a solid defense and a point generating spread. If we are operating under the assumption that this game was jobbed, it’s hard to see a game with a 5 point spread as “controllable.” It’s hard to see who in the conference could create a predictable benefit by propping up OSU over Texas for a single game.

The only thing that could be worse than these indictments being true is if the officiating crew is honestly that bad.

At what point can the FBI be called?

One thing I really hope comes out of this is a requirement for the Refs to hold postgame conferences and answer questions. It’s always been unfathomable to me that a 20 year old will have 5 microphones in his face expecting him to explain a mistake and yet the refs simply leave the game and never have to say a word.

Old, white, racist?

Without question

I’ve heretofore been on the fence about the Big 12 and willing to be patient and see if, after we come out of our funk, we could make it work. Not anymore. The whole lot can go @#$! themselves. Here’s hoping that those with much greater influence than I have feel the same way.

Lost me at “Racists” No evidence whatsoever. But who cares, right? Let’s just throw it in there anyway. It’s the worst thing you can allege. I come here for football commentary and get pinko UT Austin propaganda.

Shut up moron.

I guess to some people:
1. racism doesn’t exist
2. only the KKK practices it, in its only form
3. refs are more godly and non-racist than the rest of us heathen
4. they thank god everyday that they didn’t graduate from the school of liberal pinko arts

When is the next train leaving the Big XII?

I’ll probably not watch another Big 12 game until something is done about this.

Could the Joe Wickline lawsuit case be a small motive for osu to rig the game?

What has me worried… If this is all true, this was against #24 OSU. Imagine the shit we’re going to see against TCU, Baylor, and OU?

CORRUPTION???!!!??? THIS is corruption… Corruption is when a conference allows ONE SCHOOL to make more money than the others, including getting its own ESPN network.

I’m not convinced that the folks behind this are outsiders. I wonder if there is anybody at Texas (including officials, but also BMDs) who wants Charlie to fail?

I don’t understand the eagerness to ditch the race possibility when we are discussing possibilities. Also, it’s happened to other black head coaches.

I watched every play, every penalty, and there is no doubt that the officials rigged the game for Oklahoma State to win and Texas to lose.