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The Grant Application – Episode 02

The Big 12 picture is starting to come into focus, but there might be more questions now than ever! In this episode we take a look around the conference after a crazy week six.



We’re rolling now! Welcome to the second episode of the Grant Application!

Chris Ross joins the show once again, there’s plenty to talk about this week. TCU and Oklahoma State continue to pull out close wins, the Longhorns shocked the Sooners, Baylor is setting records, and Texas Tech rebounded against the Cyclones, we covered it all!

Episode 02 Details

  • TCU outlasted an inspired Kansas State team 52-45 in front of a raucous home crowd. For the second week in a row, K-State lost a close one. We talk about whether or not this Wildcat team will be able to pick off one of the top half conference teams.
  • TCU is still in control of the conference, but they aren’t without issues, and I’m back to thinking those are the particular holes that don’t add up to a CFB Playoff contender. However, this is also what some of the good teams do. We wonder if the Horned Frogs can continue to survive these scares, or if it will catch up with them at some point.
  • Kansas keeps up with Baylor for about one second in their game, but otherwise goes as expected with the potent Baylor Bears racking up a 66-7 tally. We discuss what we can learn, if anything, from either team at this point.
  • Charlie Strong went from the guy taking the most bullets to the guy who’s being lifted onto his players shoulders and tossed in the air out of joy by beating the Sooners in the Red River Showdown.  This win is obviously a shot in the arm to the Longhorn program but what does it mean for them long-term.  Could this one game potentially be something we point back to in years to come and say “That’s when Charlie Strong started turning it around, and that’s what ultimately did it for Stoops’ tenure in Norman”?
  • Oklahoma State keeps winning while looking highly suspect. We debate whether or not the Pokes are a 10-win team.
  • Another year, another much-hyped WVU team that seems to get exposed. Granted, losing Karl Joseph in practice last week is a huge blow, but we take a peek at the outlook now for this Mountaineer football team.
  • Iowa State was smashed by Texas Tech this weekend. If you’re AD Jaimie Pollard what’s that magic Win number that Paul Rhoads must get to in order that he’s not asking the alumni to pony up the money to buy out the remaining 5 years (2016-2021) left on the 10 year deal?
  • The Red Raiders are back in the win column, we talk about what’s the ceiling for this squad.

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Chris Ross – Founder and Managing Editor of the LandGrant Gauntlet