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As Told By The Fans

Texas Tech Narrowly Avoids Embarrassing Loss To Kansas, As Told By Red Raider Fans

“Got the plunger out and flushed this turd. Let’s never speak of it again.”



Texas Tech fans in the stands agianst TCU (2015) - Getty Images - Greg Nelson

On Saturday Red Raider nation had a hard time comprehending what they were seeing as Texas Tech was gifted a win by Kansas. Kansas… the team that has yet to win a game, and it’s doubtful they will.

How this works is I wade through the joy, the sorrow, the excitement, and the heartbreak that are game threads, and select the best comments to tell the story of the game. Follow along as Raider fans try to make sense of a second-half near comeback by Kansas, and a Texas Tech team that relied on defense to get the win.

Here’s the best comments from Staking The Plains. Grab some popcorn, because this is going to be good!




Let’s break the inter-webs with our commenting today.

This is gonna be good. Guns up!

Here we go!

I love having an excuse to start drinking before noon.

I’m at the game with my son. There’s maybe 100 of us, lol!

Dozens of KU fans watching.

Are you serious??? What a way to start.

At least we didn’t bite on the reverse.

Before we lose our minds, lets remember we will give up lots of rushing yards regardless of who we face.

Yeah, that vaunted KU offe… screw it. LOL

Good hit by the D to knock the ball loose.

KU is going to attempt a field goal.

Hate giving up that long run, but looks like the defense has held them!

West Virginia’s Skyler Howard can scramble…

We are good at defending that, so no worries.

Yay! They missed the field goal.

Wide right, and not even close.

That is a defensive stop!

Intimidating crowd!

Lots of pursuit by Kansas. Gotta run between the tackles or throw the ball deep to stop that.

The announcers just said Davis Webb has a better body than Patrick Mahomes.





Well, that was unfortunate. What’s the turnover margin now?

Another Punterception

Heck of a start

Someday, Mahomes is gonna have to stop throwing jump balls.

Gambled on the defense there. Didn’t work.

So we can get pressure on the QB if we play Kansas! Yeah!

We’ve come out flat.

Pass interference on KU! Their 6 fans aren’t happy about it

Wow this O-line having trouble getting a push early on.

No! Let’s NOT start dropping the ball again!

lololol, great start.

I hate 11:00am football!

Welp, this is hard to watch.

And the defense gives up another 3rd and long conversion.

Geez, they almost made that conversion

Another Big 12 defensive battle!

Wasn’t going to start drinking till after noon. Don’t force my hand offense.


Be down, please

Lucky break

Under review

He was down.

If we fumble here this is about the worst start EVER.

This will be overturned. #Big12refs


Did the alarm clock just go off?

Lauderdale is a beast!

Mahomes looking like the 2nd best QB today.

KU QB has gotten good line play. He hasn’t been running for his life.

TD!!!  …I mean FG

We’re on track to win 12-0!

Mahomes is still not ready to throw into tight spaces

Have you watched the rest of the season? Drops, bro.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how tired is everyone of Draft Kings and Fan Duel commercials? 10 is “get this [poop] off my TV already”




Thank you DEFENSE!!!!

Fumble recovery!! Defense will win this game!!

That’s a TD!!!!

Well that was interesting!

All star refs.

Umm what? lol

Clark with 2 point!

Haven’t seen a two-point conversion quite like that before.

Good stop, Banks III

No help from the receivers so far

Safe to say that Jakeem Grant doesn’t know how to catch a football. Has to lead the NCAA in drops.

The offensive line needs to be yelled at. A LOT.


Ahem… Kansas.

Shhh… let us pretend!

Good stop

Is this the second sack on Mahomes today?

Dear O-Line… Wake up!!!

“Coach Klingsberry”? …alright announcers, let’s figure out how to pronounce names.

I just heard that.

Man, if Grant was just a bit taller!

Oh well

If I could punch Matthew McConaughey in the head for doing all of these “philosophical” car commercials I would.

Is this the drive where we let them score and keep it close?

More than likely

Wow. Can’t believe KU missed the field goal

LOL Kansas


Mahomes is throwing a bit high all day.

LeRaven Clark down.

Defender fell into his knee from behind

Dang it!!!

Wake up Tech!!!

This is agony. I find myself looking forward to… our defense?

Get some high strength solvent and wipe that crap off of us. Jeesh!


Freakin’ Mahomes don’t care.

Maybe that Mahomes hit will put a fire under the offenses [butt].


FINALLY!!! Thank you. TD RED RAIDERS!!!!

Oh for cryin’ in a bucket…

This 4th stringer in clinging it all over the place

Defense thought it was halftime.

So the defense is going into halftime giving up 0 points. So far this season, the third quarter is always their best of the game.



Jesus… Can I feel bad for KU’s kickers?

This is unbelievable. It could be 20-9 with a competent kicker.

I just don’t get it. You get eleven chances to show your stuff each season, so you decide to take a Saturday off? WTF?

Halftime (Texas Tech 20 – Kansas 0)

Somebody is getting ripped a new one right about now.

Maybe we’re trying to lull Oklahoma

“It was embarrassingly bad how we played.” Thank you Kliff. We as fans are glad you are aware too.

Let’s come out on fire please!

On the radio broadcast they reported that as the team went to lockers, he had the bus pulled up outside, brought out the offense and let ’em have it.

Don’t see Clark running out there. Any word on Clark?

Radio says he’s out for the game.

LOLOL, these announcers are killing me… “When you simplify complex things they become easier to digest”.   …Thank you captain obvious.

Where did the o-line go?

They’re still in the locker room.

Not a good start to the 2nd half

Kaster got abused

Defense is playing lights out!

Imagine that. Get a bit aggressive and we get to the QB.

Wish there was a day when both the offense and defense were performing well in the same game. Imagine how good we would be.

Defense is playing well… against a winless team.

Tony Brown is going to be fantastic with more reps

Nothing is worse than having to follow a game via ESPN game cast

Kaster with a costly penalty… I’m shocked!



Wow… [dang] crossbar.

Is this football we are watching???

We are kicking a field goal from behind the 30, and it’s no good.

We play like this, and OU will eat our lunch, dinner, and dessert.

What universe are we in? Offense sux and defense is good. Even if it is against a winless team.

Had to log in just to add this comment: [Screw] Kaster and the horse he rode in on.

LOL at this tackling

Tech’s defense hasn’t played well today.

Tech faking injuries, lol

Kansas is going to score.

We’ll, we can’t exactly say they aren’t due up.

Was not even covering the receiver.


And Gibb’s defense finally succeeds in giving us a ballgame.

Terrific stop by our defense on that extra point.

KU’s Wyman….that poor guy is probably hoping our defense makes stops the rest of the game so he doesn’t have to trot out there and kick again

This game doesn’t even have the perverse fun of a train wreck.

WTF happened to our O-line?

Man, that was an ugly sack.

Mahomes obviously didn’t by his line enough steak this week.

Who knew that KU would be the sack kings?

“He shouldn’t have to absorb that many hits.” No kidding.

Mahomes doesn’t look prepared for this game.

Should have just thrown that mess away. Almost gave up another INT

We need a touchdown

Dang… I almost want us to pull Mahomes so he can get out alive.

And we are going for yet another field goal.

At least our kicker is better than theirs.

Good job D


All the bad words

Oh for [censored] sake, this sucks.

Lauderdale just fumbled and KU scores a touchdown.

This is a [freaking] embarrassment.

This is going to singlehandedly set the program back a year.

Optimism is hard right now…

Okay, what’s the score? Game cast is all messed up.


Missed a wide open receiver

Mahomes trying too hard.

Holy [poop] this game is disgusting.

And Kaster screwed up and chopped blocked.


Mahomes tried to throw it away and almost got intercepted. Punting.

Kaster needs to sit …in the stands.

Come on clock!

3rd and 4. Let’s get this stop!

or not.

KU down to the 1.

Just wow!

Touchdown KU

Well, if it comes down to a FG, I like our odds. lol

Sad, but true

I wish my alarm clock would hurry up and go off. Can’t wait to wake up and watch the Texas Tech-Kansas game.

This is bad. We might be 4-8 again.

Did we just let Kansas score 20 points

Yes, and we begged them to do so.

The Texas Tech game ball goes to the KU kicker.

Alrighty then. We’re starting from our 22.

Waiting for something bad to happen again.

Thank you Washington, THANK YOU!

Washington down to the KU 32 yard line!

DWash to the rescue!!!

This is the same Red Raider team that all but beat TCU?

3rd and 10 at the KU 32

Our offensive line has gotten schooled all day.

Sack number 5

This. Is. Sad.




KU starting at their 7.

What the duck?


Okay, that fumble just summed up the [freaking] game.

Oh you have to be kidding me.

The [poop]? we had that ball

Words can’t describe

These guys can’t make a play.

Well Gibbs is teaching the defense to strip the ball

From each other! lol

WTF. We can’t even recover a fumble in the end zone without messing that [poop] up?

WOW… wow… wow… UN-flippin-believable.


Tech intercepted, touchdown!



Sweet baby Jesus.

Drink, drink, drink.

Apparently the defense can win a game.


Gibbs gave Kingsbury the side-eye and said, “you’re welcome”

We will win, but this feels like a loss. We must do better.

Thank goodness our defense is back on the field.

Johnson Again!!!

Another interception by Johnson.

ESPN gamecast has that as an interception by Davis Webb.

Are you [freaking] serious?

Hands to the face on us, negating the INT, followed by personal foul on them after the INT. send and 2 for KU

Game over. Good guys win.

Got the plunger out and flushed this turd. Let’s never speak of it again.

Final (Texas Tech 30 – Kansas 20)