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The Grant Application: Episode 03

Trevor Rogers joins the show this week, and we try to make sense of a couple inexplicably close games and a couple of surprising blowouts in week 7!



We’ve got the show rolling now! Welcome to the third episode of The Grant Application!

I’m joined by the LandGrant Gauntlet’s other podcast host, Trevor Rogers! Besides hosting The QuickSlant Podcast, Trevor is also the videographer for OU Insider, and contributes to Thunder Obsessed. Needless to say, he’s pretty plugged into the sports world, and the insight he bring’s in today’s episode it fantastic!

We’re talking Stale Stadium Syndrome (what the heck is that?), Baylor looks unstoppable, What has happened to Kansas State, a fleeting glimpse of Paul Rhoads in his prime, and MUCH more! It was a blast, so be sure to give it a listen!

Episode 3 Details

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Length: 33:33


Trevor Rogers – Host of The QuickSlant Podcast, videographer for 247 Sports’ OU Insider, and contributor to Thunder Obsessed.