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It looks like the starting quarterback isn’t the only change Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads is making. He informed the media on Monday that Mark Mangino is no longer Iowa State’s offensive coordinator.

It’s still unknown if Mangino resigned or was terminated as Rhoads would only allude to that they had conflicting viewpoints on how to move forward. Rhoads indicated that it’s been an ongoing problem, but it would appear that the issue that brought everything to a head was who should be taking snaps under center. Rhoads also announced that senior QB Sam Richardson has been benched in favor of sophomore QB Joel Lanning.

Mangino’s departure is a shocking development. It’s no secret that Rhoads’ coaching seat is piping hot in Ames, and Mangino’s name has been floated out there by many pundits as a possible successor. Even those closely following the team are raising an eyebrow.

Rhoads handling of the news is also rather perplexing. In a day and age where breaking news spreads across the interwebs like a wildfire, Rhoads told the media before informing his team. He said we would inform the team at 1:30 pm today, which made for an awkward moment when the media asked the newly announced starter about the situation.

Rhoads announced that Todd Sturdy will be taking over as offensive coordinator, and that Tommy Mangino, Mark’s son, will remain a member of Iowa State’s coaching staff.

Iowa State is just 2-5 on the season, and there’s no more probable wins on left on the schedule. It’s doubtful that shaking up assistants midway through the season will be enough to put the fire out under Rhoads’ seat.