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The driver accused of hurdling her car into the crowd of Oklahoma State homecoming parade goers, killing four and seriously injuring dozens of others, went before a judge today where bond was set at one million dollars, and a mental health evaluation was ordered. As the legal process begins, one question keeps haunting the Oklahoma State community, why? Unfortunately answer may even be more perverse, more senseless, than the early accounts of possibly being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

According to Morgan Downing of Fox 23, the man who helped Adacia Chambers after the crash said that Adacia told him that she was trying to kill herself, that she “wanted to be free“.

That would seemingly contradict early suspicious of a driving under the influence of drugs, but her boyfriend denied those claims while speaking with the press on Monday; citing that they very rarely drink and they don’t do drugs.

After Adacia’s court appearance, her attorney, Tony Coleman, also spoke with the media, and he has some concerns about her mental state.

“She seems to lack in her ability to understand what we’re doing right now,” Tony Coleman said. “I mentioned to her yet again that there were people that actually died in this incident and her face was unmoved, unchanged, no sign of emotion.

“There was a very blank, almost lifeless look in her face,” he said. “I asked her if she remembered speaking with me Saturday, and she did, but needed me to remind her what we spoke about. I then asked if she remembered when she was transferred to the county jail (from the city jail) and she said ‘I’m at the county?’.”

If it was a suicide attempt, it wouldn’t be her first as she reportedly has a history of suicide attempts. She also reportedly admitted to being suicidal at the time of the crash while being booked into jail according to the probable cause affidavit.

On October 24, 2015, at approximately 1030 hours, a Gray Hyundai Elantra was south bound on Main Street. Witnesses observed the defendant proceed through the intersection of Boomer and McElroy on a red light. The vehicle proceeded southbound on Main Street where defendant attempted to drive around a traffic barricade that was positioned to stop south bound traffic at the intersection of Connell and Main but struck the barricade pushing it to the side.

After passing the barricade witnesses stated they observed the vehicle continue south bound on Main Street without attempting to slow.

Witnesses attempted to flag down the vehicle in an attempt to get the vehicle to slow and stop prior to reaching the intersection of Hall of Fame Avenue and Main Street.

The vehicle proceeded south were a marked Stillwater police motorcycle was blocking the south bound lanes of Main Street. The motorcycle was parked and angled across the lanes of south bound traffic to stop any vehicular traffic. The vehicle struck the police motorcycle forcing it into the crowd and defendant continued south toward a crowd of people gathered along the North edge of the intersection of Hall of Fame Avenue and Main Street, near the crosswalk.

The vehicle drove into the crowd, striking several people, then veered to the southwest where it struck people along the edge of the intersection who were gathered near the crosswalk.

The vehicle continued until it came to rest on the southwest corner of the intersection of Hall of Fame and Main.

As a result of the impact by the defendant’s vehicle Marvil Lyle Stone age 65, Bonnie Jean Stone age 65, Nikita Nakal age 23, died at the scene from injuries sustained in the collision. As a result of the impact with the defendant’s vehicle, Male Juvenile N.L. age 2 later died at Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma city, OK as a result of his injuries sustained in the collision.

Due to the incident occurring during a parade event Officers were on scene immediately. In the vehicle the defendant was found to be in the driver’s seat, and was the sole occupant of the vehicle. The defendant was taken into custody at the scene by Officer Shawn Millermon of the Stillwater Police Department. Millermon transported the defendant to the Stillwater Medical Center where her blood was taken by medical staff for testing. Millermon stood by as the medical staff completed the blood draw for the State’s test. Millermon secured the test kit as evidence.

Millermon then transported the defendant to the Stillwater City Jail where she was processed into jail. Upon booking defendant admitted to having a history of suicide attempts and admitted to booking staff that she was suicidal at the time of the incident but not at the time of booking. Defendant denied having any other medical conditions other than past treatment for mental health related issues.