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It’s Halloween. In Lubbock. I am already trembling. Something about Lubbock just intensifies Halloween. Oklahoma State has been trending up and Texas Tech has been trending down as of late, but that doesn’t erase what they trended from. Red Raider Nation is ready to get weird, and the Cowboys are on upset watch this week, and here’s why.

Don’t let three losses fool you, Texas Tech is good …We think

Texas Tech has three losses, but those losses were to three of the top four teams in the conference. That makes the Red Raiders one of the more battle-tested teams in all of the country, and giving them the experience to knock off an untested Cowboy squad.

Remember, Texas Tech was a freakishly lucky tipped pass away from being 4-0 off of what would have been a monumental upset over top-five-ranked TCU.

Patrick Mahomes Can Ball

Patrick Mahomes was setting the world on fire at the quarterback position, looking like a Big 12 Offensive Player of The Year contender. He’s stumbled a bit as of late, but he’s playmaker that can change a game.

Just look at his stats. He’s completing 64 percent of his passes, has thrown for an incredible 2851 yards, and has 21 touchdown to just 10 interceptions. Oh, and he has an additional 281 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground.

Let’s Play Which Is Worse

We are going to have a game of “who is the worst” played between the Red Raider run defense and the Cowboy rushing attack.

The Raiders are sporting the third worst rushing defense in the country. The. Third. Worst. They’re giving up an incredible 281 yards on the ground per game.

But wait, Oklahoma State is putrid running the ball. The Cowboys rank just 96th in the nation. The Pokes are the definition of one-dimensional.

The Red Raiders will need all the help they can get on defense, and if they can stop the run, that leaves just one side of the Cowboys attack to worry about.

Who has Oklahoma State beaten?

Sure Oklahoma State is unbeaten, but there’s several teams that would be against their schedule. It’s also a far cry from what Baylor is doing. The Bears are laying waste to their inferior competition while not too long ago Oklahoma State was coming off of three-straight nail-biting wins against Big 12 cellar-dwellers; who have a combined record of two conference wins. The Cowboys have yet to beat a conference foe with a winning record.

Beating Oklahoma State isn’t going to be easy. Texas Tech is licking their wounds after the beating the Sooners put on them. Most likely Oklahoma State wins this game. After all, they are favored for a reason. However, if the Red Raiders can bounce back, they have a chance to pick up a much-needed marquee win.