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Dana Holgorsen Turned Down West Virginia Contract Extension Offer

Coach Dana Holgorsen decided to roll the dice and turn down a contract extension offer.



Getty Images - Justin k Aller

Dana Holgorsen’s time in Morgantown has had its ups and downs. By all accounts though, the Mountaineers seem to be headed in the right direction, and it would appear that WVU would like to keep their coach around.

By those on the outside looking in, 2015 was seen as a make or break year for Holgorsen. It was thought that if the team didn’t show improvement, his seat would start to get a little warm.

After an absolutely brutal October though, WVU found their stride and finished 8-5 with a Cactus Bowl win over Arizona State.

The West Virginia brass must have liked what they saw because shortly after the season they tried to extend coach Holgorsen’s contract.

Shane Lyons, West Virginia’s athletic director, appeared on MetroNews “Sportsline” on Monday night where he revealed that the school offered Holgorsen an extension, which the coach declined.

“Several months ago we had the opportunity to look at the contract, look at different scenarios,” Lyons said. “There was a lot of conversation with Dana’s representatives on the contract and what they were looking for.

“Ultimately they decided they didn’t want to accept the offer that was out there. We decided to focus on the current contract and what was left of the two years and focus on the 2016 football season and the recruiting we are doing now and move forward.”

They probably just didn’t offer him enough Red Bull.

Joking aside, Holgorsen and his representatives weren’t fully happy with the offer and decided to table the discussion until after the 2016 season.

It is a bit of a risky move for a coach that is 19-19 over the last three years. Holgorsen is a guy comfortable with risk though, and the trend is definitely up. Nothing says you have confidence in your team like putting your future on the line.

Holgorsen has two years left, of which he will earn $2.9 million per year, on the six-year deal he signed in 2012.