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Betting The Big 12

Betting The Big 12, An Early Look At Next Week’s Point Spreads

Four Big 12 teams open the season against a FBS opponent next week. Let’s look at the point spreads of each.



- Las Vegas News Bureau

As we’re 9 days away from the first kickoff, let’s take a look at how Vegas is feeling about the games.

All ten Big 12 teams are in action next weekend, but only a handful are playing a FBS opponent. For those playing FCS schools, we’ll just assume no one will embarrass the conference and skip over them. Yes, that includes you, Kansas.

Note: The “picks” below are merely the way I am leaning as of right now. These are in no way my official picks. It is way too early for that.

Friday, Sep 2

Kansas State at #8 Stanford | STAN -15.5

Ouch, but right now I would probably take Stanford and lay the points. It has to be embarrassing to get whipped by an evergreen tree, but the Cardinal look to be the pride of the Pac-12, and I’m not sure K-State can find anything for them. On the road and under the lights against a superior opponent is a tough way to open the season. The Cats will get a much needed rest in week two.

Saturday, Sep 3

West Virginia vs Missouri | WVU -9.5

Again, I’ll lay the points on this one. Our boy Chris Lambert is high on the Mountaineers, and I can’t say I blame him. I think coach Holgo has it figured out, while Mizzou is breaking in a brand new head coach. Morgantown is not the place you want to do that at. Furthermore, the Tigers brought in Josh Heupel to revamp an offense that struggled last season. I’m confused, didn’t OU get rid of their golden boy specifically because the offense kept misfiring? Anyway, under 10 points, I’ll take WVU all the way to the bank.

#3 Oklahoma vs #15 Houston | OU -10

I don’t like this game one bit. Houston is salivating at the chance to prove they belong in the Big 12. There is no doubt this game means more to them than it does OU. That’s not a slight to the Cougars, but let’s be honest, this isn’t OU’s biggest game. It might not even be in the top 3.

If OU doesn’t come out focused, or the offense struggles to find its rhythm, the Sooners could be in trouble. OU also has a pension for looking susceptible early before pulling it together midseason. Ten points is just too much to give.

Sunday, Sep 4

Texas vs #10 Notre Dame | ND -3.5

Wow, I’m a little bit surprised. I expected to find some value here. I like Texas. I have a feeling they are going to surprise a few people this season. However, 3.5 points isn’t nearly enough to feel comfortable. The Horns keep it close, and may even shock the Irish. I just wouldn’t bet on it.