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Ranking Big 12 Uniforms In Week 2

With several Big 12 schools having multiple uniform combinations, we’re ranking them from week to week!



Getty Images - Joe Sargent

College football uniforms, and the multiple combinations from one week to the next, has created a cultural phenomenon all unto itself. There are even websites where all they do is talk about uniforms. People can’t get enough. Fans love them, recruits love them, and schools like Oregon, Oklahoma State, and Baylor have seen so much attention from their uniforms, blue blood programs like Oklahoma have created alternate uniforms for special games.

So who’s doing it best? Is flash better than tradition? Let’s find out. We are going to rank the Big 12 uniforms from week to week. Now, we realize this is largely subjective, so we welcome your input. Tell me how I got it wrong. I’m a big boy, I can take it. In fact, we will take your comments into consideration at the end of the year when we do one final ranking and may even feature the comment in the post.

Here are week 2’s rankings:

9 – Kansas
(White, Blue, White)

From the oversized “KU” to the Jayhawk on the other side of the helmet all with a chrome-to-white fade, Kansas’ helmet epitomized the gaudy, over-the-top look Adidas has become known for. It’s just too much, and it’s awful in just about every combination.

8 – Baylor
(White, Gray/Green, White)

The gray kills it. It’s actually not terrible, but ditch the gray in favor of the green that adorns the sleeves, and it would be much higher up the list.

7 – TCU
(Purple, Black, Black)

There have been some TCU uniforms in the past that I have really, really liked. Saturday’s was not one of them. The purple chrome helmet doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the uniform (especially in the sunlight), but in the Horned Frog’s defense, matching jersey and pants with a different colored helmet is hard to pull off. The black face mask helps it quite a bit, but I’d prefer it if schools stuck to their actual colors.

6 – Oklahoma State
(Black/Chrome, Black, Gray)

The Cowboys have some new threads, but I’m mixed on this week’s combination. It’s so close to being great, but there are a few details holding it back. One, the chrome. The more they wear it, the more I question it. Second, the pants, the subtle reflective “Cowboys” down the leg doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the uniform. They would be better served with more of a contrast (make it black), or a black stripe down the leg. Lastly, the orange numbers really pop, maybe too much. I have a feeling this will look much, much better with orange pants.

5 – Texas Tech
(White, White, Red)

The Red Raiders kit on Saturday looked sharp, even if their defense didn’t. They certainly looked better than Arizona State, who it appears decided to break out the yellow duct tape to make their own uniforms for the game.

4 – Iowa State
(White, White, White)

This was close with Texas Tech’s above, but I gave the Cyclones’ new helmet the nod. Just look at it!

3 – Oklahoma
(Crimson, Crimson, White)

Just like the the above two were close, these next two are close. Oklahoma and Texas, both blue bloods, both with their traditional kits that have stood the test of time. Both were at home this week, so it was really a coin flip on who to give the nod to. I wish more teams would keep their uniforms as clean as the Sooners do. It’s just a better look. When teams try to do to much, it ends up looking like Picasso lost his lunch in the design room. (see Kansas)

2 – Texas
(White, Burnt Orange, White)

As I said, this is a tight call with the Sooners, but Texas gets the nod with the burnt orange. By itself, burnt orange would seem nearly impossible to work with. It’s three shades from baby poop brown, but the Longhorns pull it off. It’s not only one of the most iconic looks in the game, but it’s the one of the most unique colors as well.

1 – West Virginia
(Blue, Blue, Gold)

The Mountaineers win the week with one of my favorite uni combinations. It’s a perfect example how to use your school colors, and it’s also very clean. If I was being picky, I could do without the black on the sleeves, but the blue and the gold give a perfect contrast to each other, and the whole thing looks so good you don’t even notice that ridiculous font choice for the numbers.