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The LGG 2016 Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 5

The week 5 power rankings are out, and there are a couple of big movers, although, in different directions.



Getty Images - Tom Pennington

Nearly half the conference sat last weekend, but that hasn’t stopped another big shakeup in the polls. It’s time to start giving Baylor some respect, and K-State isn’t the pushover I thought they would be either. (It’s okay, I can admit when I’m wrong.)

10. Iowa State Cyclones

Last Week: 10
Record: 1-3 (0-1)

Give the Cyclones credit, they managed not to go winless. Something I had been more and more concerned about with each passing week.

9. Kansas Jayhawks

Last Week: 9
Record: 1-2 (0-0)

Watch your back Jayhawks. The Cyclones are coming for your spot. The heads up matchup is in Lawrence though, so I’ll give KU the nod… for now.

8. Oklahoma Sooners

Last Week: 8
Record: 1-2 (0-0)

The Sooners, the pride of the conference, still has a losing record right? Until that’s fixed, here they are. They have a chance to right the ship Schooner against TCU on Saturday, but lose that one, and you might want to make sure your friends and family get out of Norman ASAP.

7. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Last Week: 7
Record: 2-1 (0-0)

Hopefully the Red Raiders found their defense over the bye week. Although, given the number of years it’s been missing, it’s probably time to call off the search and pronounce it dead.

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Last Week: 2
Record: 2-2 (0-1)

The Cowboys have to feel like they dropped the ball against Baylor, literally. The Pokes controlled most of the game, but couldn’t capitalize because of turnovers. If OSU can stop the mistakes, they can be a contender. However, it has already cost them two games. Is anyone willing to bet it won’t cost them more?

5. Kansas State Wildcats

Last Week: 5
Record: 2-1 (0-0)

Where do I pick up my helping of crow? I admit that I may have been wrong about the Cats. They’ll get tested in Morgantown, but win or lose, this team is more than a basement dweller.

4. Texas Longhorns

Last Week: 6
Record: 4-0 (1-0)

Are the Longhorns back, or were they exposed against Cal? We’ll find out this weekend. One thing is for sure, Notre Dame certainly isn’t doing them any favors.

3. TCU Horned Frogs

Last Week: 4
Record: 3-1 (1-0)

The Horned Frogs picked up a rivalry win against SMU Friday night, but Baylor already had that win, and the got a big win over Oklahoma State to go with it. Which, is better than a win over Iowa State.

2. Baylor Bears

Last Week: 6
Record: 4-0 (1-0)

I’ve been reluctant to move the Bears up due to their depth concerns, but they made it clear last week against Oklahoma State that they still have plenty of talent. The Pokes went right after their depth with long methodical drives, and the Bears defense passed the test by coming up huge when needed.

1. West Virginia Mountaineers

Last Week: 1
Record: 3-0 (0-0)

Winning ugly is still winning, and it is hard to argue the Mountaineers don’t have the best resume in the Big 12, despite being snubbed by the AP. Beat Kansas State on Saturday, and WVU fans might have reason to start getting a little excited. Especially with games against TCU, Oklahoma and Baylor all at home.