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What We Learned From Week 4 In The Big 12

Looking at what we learned from around the conference in week 4.



Welcome back to “What We Learned”, the series where I explain one thing we learned about each team in the Big 12 previous week’s games. The teams are ordered based on record, so if your team is talked about first it’s not because I hate them, it’s because they’re bad and deserve to be shunned.


Iowa State finally got their first win of the year last week against San Jose State, and while this is a step in the right direction for the program, it all but eliminates them from the worst power 5 team competition, meaning it will be up to powerhouses like Kansas to pick up the slack for the “overachieving” Cyclones. Regardless of competitions that I may or may not have made up, this is a good and necessary win for a young Iowa State team that needs some confidence. This week, we learned that Iowa State is not the Big 12’s prodigal son we hoped they would be, at least not this year.


Oklahoma had a bye this week. They take on TCU this Saturday.

KANSAS (1-2)

Kansas had a bye this week. They sacrifice themselves to Texas Tech this Thursday.


Oklahoma State was the better team in two quarters against Baylor on Saturday. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, those quarters were the first and the third, and generally, if you want to win a football game, you have to be the better team all quarters, and if you aren’t, at least be better in the 2 quarters that really matter, like Baylor did. We knew coming into the game that Oklahoma State would need to run the ball well to win the game, and honestly, I think they did that. All three of their touchdowns were on the ground, and surprisingly (for some) the passing game was the weak point in Oklahoma State’s offense on Saturday. Unsurprisingly, the defense was overpowered by a talented offense, and because of that, the Cowboys took a bad loss in a game they really couldn’t afford to lose.


Texas Tech had a bye this week. They take on our imaginary bird friends this Thursday, in what will be a bloody, feathery mess of a game.

TEXAS (2-1)

Texas had a bye this week. They face off with Oklahoma State in a noon banger.


Kansas State beat Missouri State 35-0 this past week. Here are some fun facts about Missouri State:

  • They went 1-10 last season. Kansas State scheduled a really bad FCS school.
  • Their head coach is Dave Steckle, who doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, used to be Missouri’s Defensive coordinator.
  • Kansas State makes roughly six times more money a year than Missouri State. I don’t really understand this one.
  • More students attend Missouri State than attend Kansas State. I don’t understand this one either.

You get the point. This isn’t really an impressive win, and it’s not really worth pulling anything from it, other than Kansas State should have won by more, and they should stop scheduling teams like this, entirely to make it easier on sports media, because we have it really hard as it is.

TCU (3-1)

TCU took care of SMU last week, and this is the kind of win that the team should be happy with, even if it isn’t very impressive, just because they don’t have to play SMU again this year. TCU seemingly avoided looking ahead to the big game this week, as they are set to play host to Oklahoma on Saturday afternoon. That game will teach us infinitely more than this one did.


BYU probably isn’t very good this year, and West Virginia very nearly blew this game, a few times, but after this one I think the Mountaineers are the second best team in the Big 12. The offense looked solid and the defense didn’t, which is expected in the Big 12, the conference where if anyone even says defense the players and coaches cover their ears and start screaming until the demon that said the “d” word leaves. West Virginia takes on Kansas State this Saturday, in what will be an important contest in determining the pecking order in the Big 12 this year.

BAYLOR (4-0)

Baylor did everything they needed to this past week to take care of Oklahoma State. They didn’t play great, but they had quite a few big plays, and they kept Oklahoma State from controlling the game in the air. Baylor is the best team in the Big 12 right now, and they’ll get a chance to prove that once again against Iowa State this Saturday. They might score 100, so watch out.