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Ranking Big 12 Uniforms In Week 5

Week 5 was the best week yet for uniforms in the Big 12!



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Wow, what a week of uniforms in the Big 12. The top four really brought it, making my job incredibly difficult. I’m sure there will be some disagreement, so let us know your favorite and why in the comments.

10. Kansas Jayhawks

The blue-white-blue isn’t terrible, but they aren’t going to win any uni competitions either. In a week of tough competition, the Jayhawks find themselves in a position they are quite familiar with: last.


9. Baylor Bears

Baylor finally wears their school colors and they’re still at the bottom. I truly wanted to reward them and rank them higher, but I just don’t like these very much. Also, who could they jump? It was a strong week, and I’m sure the flat green helmet did them any favors.


8. Oklahoma Sooners

As usual, the Oklahoma and Texas kits are a coin flip. Both carry tradition and heritage. Both are iconic. Normally, they rank pretty high, and some don’t like them included in the rankings because nothing changes. However, they provide a great benchmark. They are hard to beat, which speaks to the level of competition this week.


7. Texas Longhorns

The Longhorns got the nod over the Sooners, because it might be the only way they beat OU this week. That, and the quarter landed on tails.


6. Kansas State Wildcats

Three teams in the Big 12 have stayed true to their traditional uniforms, and this was the first week all three wore their away kits. I’ve been a little harsh on Kansas State’s home edition, calling it dated, but I like the away version. The white jersey goes well with the light gray and purple.


5. West Virginia Mountaineers

By now you all know that I like the WVU uniforms. Some don’t like the number font, but that doesn’t bother me as much. They make the blue and gold work better than most, and they don’t over complicate it. Another week, another strong entry by the Mountaineers.


4. TCU Horned Frogs

Last week Baylor was dinged pretty significantly for wearing all black — well, nearly all black — and this week the Horned Frogs are 4th for wearing all black? What the heck? It’s because I obviously like TCU more. No, that’s not true. One, the Horned Frogs don’t wear black, in some capacity, nearly every week. Two, it fit their theme of blacking out the stadium where fans also wore black. Three, and most importantly, they didn’t wear all black when playing a team who has black as one of their school colors. Plus, I like the helmet.


3. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Those helmets. Oh my! Please wear this with black pants at some point. Please.


2. Iowa State Cyclones

When I first saw Iowa State on Saturday, I did a double take. Those unis are clean! Last week, I found the gray jerseys and pants intriguing, but something was off. Apparently that something was the jersey, because the Cardinal – Cardinal – Gray look is amazing. I wish they’d wear this every week.


1. Oklahoma State Cowboys

The all blacks looked good on Saturday, and Gundy spoke this week on what the uniforms mean to the program.

“The players really like the black,” said Gundy on Monday. “You know, they’re really big on the black and gray. Not only our team, but the young men we’re recruiting. They’re into those colors. They like the chrome. I thought they looked good in that uniform – choice was excellent. We had a big group of really quality student-athletes at our game, high school players, and they’re really big fans of it.”

Truth be told, it was close, but I originally had the Cowboys at number two and Iowa State in the top spot this week. Then it was revealed that the Pokes uniforms light up under black light when they walk through the tunnel. Talk about appealing to the recruits, oh my!