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The LGG 2016 Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 6

Our week 6 power rankings are out, and there is quite a bit of movement as we start to figure this season out.



Getty Images - Justin K Aller

These are a little late, but¬†better late than never. Last weekend was the official start of Big 12 play and it’s caused a big shake up in the power rankings. OU looks like they might be figuring things out. Oklahoma State finally played mistake-free football, and uh, Texas isn’t quite back.

10. Kansas Jayhawks

Last Week: 9
Record: 1-3 (0-1)

Sorry Jayhawks, getting blown by the Red Raiders, along with a better-than-expected performance by the Cyclones, has you back in the basement. It looks like it’s back to finding moral victories, instead of actual ones.

9. Iowa State Cyclones

Last Week: 10
Record: 1-4 (0-2)

The Cyclones led the Bears the entire game, that is, until the final play. Baylor won on a late field goal, but we noticed the effort. We also couldn’t help but notice the Cyclone’s offensive woes may be behind them as they’re averaging 43 points the last three games. The road’s only going to get tougher though, but at least there’s still Kansas on the schedule.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Last Week: 7
Record: 3-1 (1-0)

I know the Big 12 is taking a lot of flack for being down, but maybe they shouldn’t be. True, there is not elite team, but here we are at 8th place in the league and we’re talking about a team that has top 25 potential!

You may be wondering how they moved down in a week they won. Unfortunately for Tech, OU’s win over TCU means a little more than a blowout win over Kansas.

7. Kansas State Wildcats

Last Week: 5
Record: 2-2 (0-1)

Last week I admitted that I was wrong about Kansas State, and that I was ready to be a believer in this team. Then they went and lost.

I’m still think K-State is better than we know. After All, there are worse losses than Stanford and West Virginia. However, they’ll have to prove it against Texas Tech this weekend.

6. Texas Longhorns

Last Week: 4
Record: 2-2 (0-1)

From last week, “Are the Longhorns back, or were they exposed against Cal? We’ll find out this weekend.”

Well, we found out. The Cowboys handled the Longhorns, and things aren’t good in Austin. Defensive coordinator Vance Bedford has been regulated to coaching the secondary while coach Strong takes over the defense as he tries to save his job.

5. TCU Horned Frogs

Last Week: 3
Record: 3-2 (1-1)

What happened? Where is the team that defied all odds and continued to win despite massive amounts of injuries last season? Boykin was good, but he wasn’t that good. And no, Hill isn’t Boykin, but Hill didn’t give up 52 points to Oklahoma.

4. Oklahoma Sooners

Last Week: 8
Record: 2-2 (1-0)

Speaking of Oklahoma, here comes the Sooners. A big win over TCU means they are no longer rubbing elbows with Kansas.

Still, Norman isn’t exactly excited about being 2-2 heading into the Red River Showdown. If you think coach Strong needs a win, you don’t want to be Stoops should the Sooners fall to Texas, yet again.

3. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Last Week: 6
Record: 3-2 (1-1)

In what has become a volatile week in the power rankings, the Cowboys make their return to the upper end of the standings. Mistakes cost them the game against Baylor, and, after the way they played against Texas, I’m sure it is a game they would like to have back.

The Big 12 is wide open, but I’m not sure anyone played any better than the Pokes did last Saturday.

2. Baylor Bears

Last Week: 2
Record: 5-0 (2-0)

Hey, winning ugly is still winning, right? They Bears nearly dropped one to Iowa State, but they don’t have to worry about their ranking being in jeopardy this week as they get an extra week to prepare for mighty Kansas. In fact, the Bear won’t be tested again until they face Texas on October 29th.

1. West Virginia Mountaineers

Last Week: 1
Record: 3-0 (0-0)

We knew going into the game against K-State that it was going to be gritty and low scoring, but WVU found a way to win.

They have the talent on both sides of the ball to win the conference, and everything is falling in place for them to put together a special season.