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Image Suggesting Cincinnati To The Big 12 Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy

Sorry, I wouldn’t get your hopes up about Cincinnati to the Big 12.



If you’ve been on Twitter today you have probably seen it. We even tweeted it out ourselves. Of course, I’m talking about a certain image that shows a press conference backdrop being printed with the University of Cincinnati logos alongside the Big 12’s logo.

The image, which originated on Snapchat but has since been taken down, would seem to indicate that following today’s Big 12 board meeting, the Cincinnati Bearcats will be welcomed as one of the conference’s newest members.

Sorry Cincinnati fans, not so fast. One, according to information from our sources and others have reported, this would be highly unlikely. Two, as it has been pointed out to us, there is one big issue with the image; one of the logos isn’t right.

We doubt the University of Cincinnati would get their own logo wrong. Although, that just might be the most Big 12 thing they could do.

So it looks like Cincinnati isn’t any closer to joining the Big 12, but that hasn’t kept others from having some fun with pic.