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Could Charlie Strong Really Save His Job With A Win Over TCU?

Maybe Charlie Strong isn’t out of a job just yet.



Getty Images - Chris Covatta

Charlie Strong is out at Texas, we’re all just waiting for the Longhorns to make it official… or so we thought.

According to Horns Digest, coach Strong may be able to save his job with a win against TCU on Friday.

“Multiple sources told Tuesday that Charlie Strong might be able to save his job with a victory against TCU on Friday.”

It would be a surprising development considering the Longhorns are coming off an embarrassing loss to Kansas. There were even reports that Strong was fired after the game, and some players were surprised to see him show up to team meetings this week.

However, Athletic director Mike Perrin made it clear that they wouldn’t evaluate coach Strong until after the season was complete, and it appears they were serious about that.


Coach Strong has picked up support as of late, too. Players showed up to Strong’s Monday press conference to show their support, and there were even rumors they may boycott the rest of the season if Strong was fired. Although, Strong quickly squashed those rumors and said that if he was fired, the players would still play.

Strong also got some unexpected support from one of the Longhorn’s biggest fans, Matthew McConaughey.

“No doubt, for three years he been about what’s best for these young men, and who they are the rest of their lives. That’s going to be the legacy of Charlie Strong. And that’s a great thing, and that’s why we’re going to go out and whoop TCU’s a**.”

And beat TCU is exactly what Strong needs to do. Texas is just one game shy of bowl eligibility and according to Horns Digest, making a bowl game could save Strong’s job. At least until they see how the Longhorn’s perform in the bowl.

When coach Strong took the job in Austin he was faced with a decision to make. Either curb his ethics and do what it takes to win early, or clean house and build the program the right way for long-term success. Strong chose the latter, and at least a few around Austin recognize it was never going to be a quick turnaround.

“Everyone seems to agree Texas has a talented roster – but that it’s just young,”one UT administrative source told HD. “There’s a sentiment that there’s been defensive improvement this season and that the offense will improve as true freshmen at quarterback, center and receiver get a little more experience.”

However, if Strong is retained, not all would be happy. There are some big money boosters that are organizing an effort to bring Houston’s Tom Herman to Texas, and they won’t be happy if that gets derailed.