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REPORT: Joe Mixon To Return for 2017

It appears that Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon won’t opt to leave for the NFL just yet.



First reported by the Ruf/Writers, it appears that Joe Mixon will return for the Oklahoma Sooners in 2017.

In the days following the release of the tape, many have thought that the public outcry may push Mixon to head for the NFL and salvage as much as he can from the unfortunate event that occurred two and a half years ago.

This report has yet to be confirmed, however Ruf/Writers have excellent sources and have been consistent in their sharing of information when necessary.

Mixon may desire to return for a multitude or reasons. This 2017 draft class is loaded with running backs including Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook. Even teammate Samaje Perine is eligible for the upcoming draft. With a loaded running back class, it’s doubtful Mixon would be a first-rounder after the release of the tape.

With the return of quarterback Baker Mayfield, offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley and left tackle Orlando Brown, Mixon may see his chances of showcasing his talents — as well as distancing himself from the tape backlash — as a potential positive. If Mixon returns, Oklahoma’s offense will be on the more talented and experienced in the entire country.

In yesterday’s press conference, head coach Bob Stoops confirmed that Mixon would be addressing the media in the near future. Whether if that will be solely to discuss the events of 2014 or his eligibility status is unknown.

If anything breaks or contradicts, we will inform you all as soon as possible.