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Big 12 In The NFL

Big 12 NFL Draft Player Profiles: Offensive Line & Tight Ends

Looking at where some of the Big 12’s top talent might end up in the 2017 NFL Draft.



Getty Images - Chris Trotman

[tps_header]With the NFL Draft on Thursday, we are looking at some of the Big 12’s best prospects and where they might end up in the draft. First up, offensive linemen and tight ends.[/tps_header]

Kyle Fuller

C – Baylor

PROS: Fuller was a Second Team All-Big 12 player for the second consecutive season in 2016. He displays a good combination of athleticism, quickness, and flexibility when making blocks. Blessed with strength, size, and long arms, Fuller is often capable of pinning opponents or flat-out knocking them to the ground.  Exhibits leg strength and drive in his ability to effectively use leverage.

CONS: His pass protection skills lack fluidity and require some improvement with coaching. Leans due to his height on run blocking where he should be driving his legs to provide stability. Due to Baylor’s system, Fuller did not see much traditional under-center snaps.

OUTLOOK: He’s more solidly in place to contribute as a run blocker until his pass protection skills are improved upon, but is considered to be an athlete with high upside. He has the size and physical tools to eventually be projected as a starter according to many NFL prognosticators. Expect him to go somewhere in the 4th to 6th rounds.

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