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Whoa, DeVonte Fields Tweets, “Wish I Never Went To TCU”

Former Horned Frog standout DeVonte Fields tweets his regret of ever going to TCU.



Getty Images - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

DeVonte Fields went undrafted this weekend, and I guess he is feeling a certain way about it?

It’s true. There is no way to hide it. The Big 12 did not do well in the draft. However, Fields has no one else to blame, but himself. It does not matter if you are on Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, or TCU, if players from schools like Western Michigan can get drafted in the first two rounds, then anyone in a power five conference can.

Fields looked every bit of a potential first-round NFL draft selectee after his freshman year. In his first year on campus, he led the Horned Frogs with 18.5 tackles for a loss and 10 sacks, and he was named Big 12 Defensive Freshman of the Year. However, that’s when things went off the rails. He struggled to stay of the field as a sophomore and he was eventually suspended following a domestic violence incident.

It wasn’t TCU’s fault that Fields was charged with a domestic assault. He brought that on himself, and while the charges were later dropped, no one is going to fault Gary Patterson for dismissing him from the team.

Field even went on to get a second chance at Louisville, so I’m not sure why he would still be blaming TCU, but I guess that when you refuse to believe that your situation if of your own making, you’ll just find anyone to blame. And maybe that lack of accountability, in and of itself, is why Fields went undrafted.