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Coach Kliff Kingsbury’s Seat Should Be Red Hot At Texas Tech

It is hard to ignore numbers like these…



Getty Images - David Purdy

It is no secret that Texas Tech has struggled during coach Kliff Kingsbury’s tenure. However, over the last few days I’ve seen a few articles written in defense of coach Kingsbury and why he is the Red Raider’s man for the future. One such article even suggested that Texas Tech fans should just accept mediocrity, and be happy with where Tech is now.

As much as that mindset hurts my head, I wondered if there was something to all this. Should coach Kingsbury be on the hot seat? So, I pulled some data to find out.

Well, if you read the title of the article, and I am assuming you did, you can probably guess how that turned out. Here is how the last three coaches have preformed during their tenure in Lubbock. Two of these coaches were run off from the program, one was given a 6-year contract extension worth up to $22.9 million just before his second season as head coach.

  Leech Tuberville Kingsbury
Years 10 3 4
Win % .661 .541 .480
Best Season 11-2 8-5 8-5
Worst Season 7-6 5-7 4-8
AVG SOS 2.28 3.47 2.80
20+ Point
Losses (AVG)

I am not an expert, but this seems like a pretty terrible ROI on Kingsbury’s monster contract. Not only are Kingsbury’s results the worst of the three, according to strength of schedule, he has faced an easier road than coach Tuberville, who bolted for Cincinnati after just three seasons.

When you break it down and look at the Red Raider’s trajectory under Kingsbury, getting curb-stomped by 9th place Iowa State last season seems less of an inexplicable loss as it does a sign of things to come. So, what started out as a look into whether or not Kingsbury should be on the hot seat, has now turned into how is he still there?

The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with Kingsbury being a Texas Tech guy. Sure, a QB hero alum is going to get more benefit of the doubt than most, but it is clear we are well beyond benefit of the doubt. The real answer is that Kingsbury still has $9.4 million left on his contract and Texas Tech can’t afford to even think about buying him out.

At least not yet. With each passing season the buyout becomes more affordable. So, should Kingsbury be in the hot seat in 2017? Well, Texas Tech fans just have to ask themselves if they are content with mediocrity or not.