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And The Most Disliked School In The Big 12 Is…

Thanks to Reddit user nbingham196, we get a little bit of insight to how the rest of the college football world views the Big 12.



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Have you ever wondered who in the Big 12 is most liked, or least liked, across college football? Okay, least liked is not that tough of a guess these days. What about the rest of the conference, though?

Of course Sooner Nation doesn’t like the Longhorns and vice versa, but what about Georgia Tech fans or Boston College fans? Who do they like? In other words, fans from outside of the conference, how do they view the Big 12?

Thanks to Reddit user nbingham196, we have a bit of insight to that. He put together a survey asking users of the popular subreddit r/CFB to rank schools in power five conferences from their most favorite to least favorite, and the results for the Big 12 are in.

So who is the least favorite in the Big 12? Not surprisingly, that’s Baylor. The Bears got hated on pretty hard in the wake of the sexual assault scandal.

“It surprised me how much hatred Baylor’s scandal has produced,” nbingham196 told us. “Every fan base that I received at least five votes from had Baylor in their bottom two.

As for who received the most love, well that surprised nbingham196 as well.

“I guess the most shocking things to me were how few people disliked TCU, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Less than five percent of the voters put them 10th and only 16 percent put them as 9th or 10th.”

By actual votes, the Wildcats and the Cowboys tied for the most liked, and Oklahoma State led with the most fan bases. However, when the scores were weighted, TCU edged them both out as the most liked team in the Big 12. According to nbingham196, the adjusted average gives each fan base the same voting power.

Also of note, in a reminder that Kansas beat Texas in football, the Longhorns were Jayhawk nation’s favorite team. So, there’s that.

There’s quite a bit to take in, and you can view the full results below. What stands out to you? Let us know in the comments.

Voting Results For Most And Least Liked Big 12 Schools