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The Big 12 Averaged $108m In Revenue In 2015-16

Yet another financial report showing the Big 12 is doing just fine compared to the rest of the Power 5.



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Getty Images - Icon Sportswire

USA Today has released their annual report on Division I school finances and shocker, the Big 12 stacked up fairly well compared to the rest of the Power 5. How can this be? Isn’t the Big 12 about to implode? Isn’t it disadvantaged? Surely the Big 12 cannot keep up with the other Power 5 conferences in revenue. Not with just 10 members, anyway.

As we have already seen with reported conference payouts, the Big 12 is far from the brink of destruction. Members are hauling in record payouts from the conference while the ACC and Pac-12 conferences are struggling to keep up.

That trend continues in school revenue. The SEC leads all conferences averaging nearly $133 million per school in revenue, and the Big Ten came in second with their members averaging a little more than $116 million per year. At a touch more than $108 million per member, the Big 12 is the only other conference to average more $100 million in revenue. The ACC averaged $98 million per school, while the Pac-12 averaged just $86 million in revenue.

Not surprisingly, Texas and Oklahoma lead the Big 12 in revenue. However, the Longhorns are not the top dog in college athletics this year. Their in-state rival Texas A&M is. The Aggies hauled in a whopping $194 million, edging out the Longhorn’s $188 million. The Sooners came in sixth overall with $150 million.

Dead last of all Power 5 members was Washington State at a mere $59 million, though the list does not contain private schools as they are not required to report their financials.

Here is how the rest of the Big 12 stacked up. Remember, Baylor and TCU, as private institutions, don’t report their numbers. Had they, and the Big 12 would have most likely averaged even higher.

Big 12 2015-16 Finances

Rank School Revenue Expenses
2 Texas $187,981,158 $171,394,287
6 Oklahoma $150,373,216 $127,268,340
26 West Virginia $105,140,368 $85,900,652
37 Oklahoma State $93,672,676 $92,703,264
38 Kansas $90,658,829 $85,703,264
42 Texas Tech $82,996,321 $78,598,577
48 Iowa State $78,355,500 $78,279,309
49 Kansas State $77,936,664 $70,884,496