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QuickSlant Podcast – The Predictions Show!

We go through and predict the season. What could go wrong?



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In less than a week, players all across the Big 12 will report for fall camp, which means it’s time for our preseason predictions! Chris Ross joins me once again as we break down the schedule and each give our predictions on the season. This is one of our favorite episodes every year.

Before we got to the predictions though, there was another topic we needed to tackle first, just where is Oklahoma? Seriously, where is it?

[Spoiler Alert] In a surprise twist, neither of us picked Kansas last. However, we had different teams in the 10 spot. We did not talk about or share our predictions with each other before the show. We kept them a surprise so we could react to them in the moment. To find out the rest, you’re going to have to give it a listen.

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