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QuickSlant Podcast – Big 12 vs The Power 5 Non-Conference Preview

Previewing and predicting the Big 12’s 10 non-conference games against the Power 5!



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Football is just days away and with the season within sight, we are looking at the Big 12’s 10 non-conference matchups against the Power 5! Can the Big 12 hold its own or is the conference doomed for another year of ridicule? We give our game by game predictions as we outline which games are crucial for the Big 12 to win.

To help us in our predictions, we welcome three guests to the show this week. Tomas Kendziora from SB Nation’s Maryland site, Testudo Times, joins us to give us a look at from the other side for the Longhorn’s season opener. Brandon Phoenix from the Raspy Voice Kids joins us to talk about the Mountaineers and their season opener against former rival Virginia Tech. And then Seth Jungman from Staking The Plains joins us to talk Texas Tech and the Red Raider’s matchups against Arizona State and Houston. We have to give them each a huge thank you for coming on the show. Please give them a follow and check out their respective sites. For timestamps for each game preview and interview are below.

Thomas Kendziora – @TKendziora
Testudo Times – @testudotimes

Brandon Phoenix – @IAlsoHatepitt
Raspy Voice Kids – @RaspyVoiceKids

Seth Jungman – @SethC_J
Staking The Plains – @StakingThePlain

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Week 1
00:59 – Previewing Maryland at Texas
01:56 – Interview with Thomas Kendziora
10:25 – Previewing West Virginia vs Virginia Tech
12:16 – Interview with Brandon Pheonix

Week 2
21:33 – Previewing Oklahoma at Ohio State
27:44 – Previewing Iowa at Iowa State
32:02 – Previewing TCU at Arkansas

Week 3
34:47 – Previewing Baylor at Duke
37:11 – Previewing Kansas State at Vanderbilt
39:06 – Previewing Oklahoma State at Pitt
41:33 – Previewing Texas at USC
44:42 – Previewing Arizona State at Texas Tech
45:17 – Interview with Seth Jungman

57:43 – We recap our predicted Big 12 record against the Power 5

Bonus Games
58:24 – Previewing Texas Tech at Houston
59:02 – We welcome Seth back to talk Houston
1:06:02 – Previewing Oklahoma State at Tulsa