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Tommy Tuberville to be ESPN Color Analyst for Texas Tech vs Houston



Getty Images - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

What in the world did the Big 12 do to ESPN for the sports conglomerate to hate the conference so much? Whether it is the announcers actively bashing Big 12 (and Pac-12) defenses during a game in which the Big 12 team has hung 59 points has hung 59 points on another Power 5 team, the same game where the opposing fans were actually sleeping in the stands because the score was so lopsided, or the fact that College GameDay seems to be allergic to even being in proximity to the Big 12 footprint, the bias seems apparent.

After College GameDay off-off-off-off-Broadway acted its way through acknowledging that the Big 12 actually does have some decent teams, by hyping up the conference in a dedicated segment that somehow felt more like a put down than an actual compliment, you thought maybe ESPN is coming around.

And then they did this…

What better way to totally disrespect an entire fan base then to have a former head coach that left not in the middle of the night, but in the middle of a recruiting dinner, as the on-air analyst? I mean, it is not like the guy recently compared Lubbock to the war-torn country of Iraq, or anything.

Of course, Kliff Kingsbury was asked for his thoughts on Tuberville calling the game.

Kingsbury may have dodged the question, but Texas Tech fans were understandably…uh…*thinking of a family friendly word to use*…uh…upset. We’ll close this with some of the more print-friendly reactions.

This tweet from two days before…god has a cruel sense of humor.

Kingsbury, please make this happen.