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Ranking Big 12 Uniforms In Week 6

Plenty of controversy this week as 6 uniforms received at least one first place vote.



Getty Images - Brett Deering

If you didn’t catch last week’s rankings, then you missed that Iowa State’s uniform caused a major rift among the LGG staff. Contributors either loved it or hated it, and the divide was so split, that we completely changed how we do the uniform rankings. From now on, the uniform rankings will be put to a vote. Contributors submit their votes and we tally it up, and however it shakes out, that’s what we ride with.

It is just the second time ever putting the weekly uni rankings to a vote, and I am not sure it could be more varied. There were eight teams in action this week. Six of them received at least one first-place vote, four of them received a last-place vote, and another two received a 7th-place vote. Here’s how it all shook out.

8. Oklahoma

Quarterback Baker Mayfield hands off to running back Rodney Anderson of the Oklahoma Sooners – Getty Images – Brett Deering

All-Crimson Alternate
Points: 62
Highest Vote: 5
Lowest Vote: 8

Okay, I am more of a fan of these uniforms than most at LGG. This was the first time the Sooners combined the “Rough Rider” alternative crimson top with the crimson pants and wood grain helmet.  I don’t know if this was actually the worst uniform of the week, but it’s clear that most of us strongly prefer their traditional kit to this one.

7. Kansas State

Jesse Ertz of the Kansas State Wildcats throws a pass from his end zone – Getty Images – Tim Warner

Traditional Away Kit
Points: 53
Highest Vote: 4
Lowest Vote: 8

The Wildcats kept it simple this week against Texas. Their white with silver uniforms are as iconic as their Head Coach Bill Snyder, who celebrated his 78th birthday this past weekend. Unfortunately for K-State, the Wildcats lost the game, and finish behind Texas in the uniform rankings. Happy Birthday coach Snyder. Sorry your party’s so lame.

6. Kansas

Kansas Jayhawks wide receiver Evan Fairs in motion during the game – Getty Images – Icon Sportswire

White – Crimson – White
Points: 46
Highest Vote: 1
Lowest Vote: 8

Unlike their overall program, Kansas has always been successful in the fashion department. — Editor’s note from Chris Ross: Not all opinions expressed in this article reflect that of the LandGrant Gauntlet. Viewer discretion is advised — This past week they sported red tops with a proud Jayhawk logo on the shoulder. They added white bottoms and helmets that had the fade to black on the back. Not a big fan of this mismatch look, but hey the Jayhawks know all about going out in style.

5. Texas

Sam Ehlinger of the Texas Longhorns throws a pass in the first quarter – Getty Images – Tim Warner

Traditional Home Kit
Points: 41
Highest Vote: 1
Lowest Vote: 7

Texas came through with a double overtime win and looked good doing it. Uniform-wise that is. For this thriller of a game, they proudly showed off their burnt orange jerseys with white pants and helmets. The traditional uniforms suffer from a bit of voter fatigue, but the Longhorns make the most unique color is all of college football, and maybe sports altogether, and make it look good. That’s no easy feat.

4. Texas Tech

Texas Tech Red Raiders running back Justin Stockton rushes the ball – Getty Images – Icon Sportswire

Black – White – Black
Points: 37
Highest Vote: 1
Lowest Vote: 8

Texas Tech is really under appreciated in the uniform game. They followed up their throwback look last week with a more traditional white and black combination complete with plenty of red accents. It’s a solid combination, but surprisingly the votes were all over the place with this one. Like the Jayhawks, the Red Raiders received first place and last place votes this week. I don’t even know, but that’s why we put it to a vote now.

3. West Virginia

West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Will Grier scrambles for a gain – Getty Images – Icon Sportswire

Gold – White – Gold
Points: 34
Highest Vote: 1
Lowest Vote: 7

First, I would like to say that Will Grier looks good in any uniform despite the number three distinction. Alright back to the important stuff. The Mountaineers took on TCU with perfect alternating colors of yellow and white, though some of the staff don’t agree. Some feel like the white and gold is not West Virginia’s best look. With that said though, the top was great canvas for the helmet and pants to visually explode on the screen, and you can’t argue the voting results.

2. Iowa State

Running back David Montgomery of the Iowa State Cyclones looks for a hole against the Oklahoma Sooner – Getty Images – Brett Deering

White – White – Cardinal
Points: 25
Highest Vote: 1
Lowest Vote: 6

YES, IOWA STATE, YES. This is such a better look for the Cyclones (goodbye snack food logo). The white helmet and jerseys helped every inch of red look 10 times brighter. To be honest, this look probably helped them beat the Sooners more than Joel Lanning’s iron-man performance. By the way, what color is Iron Man’s suit, again? Red and gold… The same colors as Iowa State… Coincidence? I think not.

1. TCU

Sewo Olonilua of the TCU Horned Frogs celebrates with Daythan Davis and Cordel Iwuagwu after scoring a touchdown – Getty Images – Tom Pennington

White – Black – White
Points: 23
Highest Vote: 1
Lowest Vote: 5

Having TCU only making the top of this list until now seems like a crime. However some here at the LGG (cough-Chris-cough) don’t feel that teams should be rewarded for wearing black if it is not their school color, no matter how good they look. Nonetheless, the votes are in, and the Horned Frogs are our week 6 uni champs. The uniforms clearly speak for themselves.