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Oklahoma State

Take It Off! Coach Gundy Strips At Oklahoma State Pep Rally

Things at the Cowboys pep rally on Friday night turned a little PG-13.




Oklahoma State held their annual Homecoming and Hoops pep rally on Friday night, and let’s just say things got weird.

For reasons that aren’t exactly clear, coach Gundy challenged quarterback Mason Rudolph to take his shirt off in front of the student body and fans, by telling the crowd if Rudolph wood, then he would.

Rudolph laughs it off as if he doesn’t think Gundy is being serious, but when Gundy keeps goading the crowd that Rudolph is too scared to do it, Rudolph steps closer to Gundy and asks if he’s going to take it off. Gundy says yes, and this time there is no hesitation as Rudolph ditches his shirt. The crowd loses it, and, obviously from the title of this post, Gundy lived up to his word.

So that now means that over the last year we have gotten a mulleted Gundy, a mulleted Gundy dancing in the locker room, a mulleted Gundy hunting rattle snakes, a mulleted Gundy holding a “Big Daddy” mug, a mulleted Gundy in a singlet, and now a mulleted, shirtless Gundy. Oh my!

You can watch the full thing here: