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Kansas Sets A New Big 12 Record For Fewest Yards Gained In A Game

The Jayhawks were embarrassed by TCU on a historic level on Saturday.



Getty Images - Icon Sportswire

What if I told you that your favorite team was going to be featured in a game on national TV, but the game would go so horrific, that your team would set a new record for fewest yards gained in a game? Jayhawk Nation doesn’t have to imaging it. That exact nightmare played out last night as the Horned Frog’s defense absolutely suffocated the Jayhawk’s offense.

By the fourth quarter, it was pretty clear that Kansas was having a historically bad night.

The Jayhawks finished the game with -25 rushing yards and 46 passing yards for a net total of 21 yards on the night. That thoroughly shatters the previous record of 44 yards.

As bad as that is, somehow, it was actually worse for the vast majority of the game. Kansas picked up 17 yards on their final drive, which was 81 percent of their production on the night. Yikes.

“Obviously we’re not very good up front and not very good totally in the run game,”coach David Beaty said after the game. “A lot of that has a lot to do with us giving up some negative yardage plays and some sacks, for sure.”

There is a bright side to all of this for KU fans. Basketball season is right around the corner, and they do that very well.