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Iowa State

Who Did It Better? Two Incredible Interceptions

You would be hard pressed to find more impressive interceptions than these two.



Getty Images - Icon Sportswire

Week eight featured a couple of interceptions so pretty, they deserve their own post.

First up, Iowa State’s pick-six versus Texas Tech was absolutely beautiful. Marcel Spears reads the screen perfectly and is gifted a touchdown for his efforts.

Oh, and did you catch it? He hauled that in with one hand! Here’s another look.

It’s rare to see a screen pass picked so easily, but when it happens, it’s pretty much a guaranteed pick six. As pretty as that was, Danzel Goolsby’s pick against Oklahoma may be even more impressive.

Baker Mayfield targets CeeDee Lamb in the end zone, and Lamb appears to go up over Goolsby to haul in the touchdown, but somehow, as Lamb comes down with the ball, Goolsby strips him of it to pull off one of the craziest picks of the year. You just have to watch it.

Here’s another look. How does Goolsby end up with the ball?!

Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.