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Comparing Big 12 Coaches Salaries & Who’s Getting The Most For Their Money

Looking at how the Big 12 coaches salaries stack up with each other, the rest of the Power 5, and which school is getting the most for their money.



Head coach Tom Herman of the Texas Longhorns walks into the stadium - Getty Images - Tim Warner
Getty Images - Tim Warner

USA Today released their annual coaches salaries report, and it confirms that college football coaches do indeed make a lot of money.

At the top of the list for the Big 12 is Tom Herman at eighth in the country overall as Texas is set to pay him $5,486,316 for his services this season. At the bottom of the Big 12 is David Beaty. Don’t feel too sorry for coach Beaty though as Kansas is paying him well at $1,601,109.

One of the biggest surprises — not that it’s actually a surprise, just shocking when you compare them — is when you compare the Big 12’s two blue bloods. Texas and Oklahoma are the heavy hitters in the conference and both are debuting brand new coaches. However, Texas is paying nearly triple what Oklahoma is paying coach Lincoln Riley.

Here’s how the Big 12 stacked up. Baylor, as a private school, does not have to disclose their financials.

Rank School Coach Pay Buyout
8 UT Tom Herman $5,486,316 $20,416,667
9 TCU Gary Patterson $5,104,077
18 OSU Mike Gundy $4,200,000 $13,800,000
26 WVU Dana Holgorsen $3,505,000 $10,141,667
27 TTU Kliff Kingsbury $3,503,975 $6,993,750
35 KSU Bill Snyder $3,200,000 $2,000,000
52 OU Lincoln Riley $2,116,666 $15,041,666
53 ISU Matt Campbell $2,100,000 $9,575,000
65 KU David Beaty $1,601,109 $3,000,000
BU Matt Rhule

Also reported is what each coaches buyout is should they get fired or poached at the end of the year. So, that’s something to keep an eye on.

You can check out the full list here, but we thought we would compile and average what each Power 5 conference is dishing out to their coaches. Surprise, surprise, the SEC is at the top of the list. The Big 12 is not last though, surprisingly, that’s the ACC. Also surprisingly, the Pac-12 pays out more than the Big 12 on average, despite the Pac-12’s financial issues.

Conference Avg Pay
SEC $4,180,028
Big Ten $3,757,635
Pac-12 $3,574,064
Big 12 $3,424,683
ACC $3,416,535

So which school is getting the best return on investment? Here is what each school is paying per win so far this season.

The Sooners are getting a steal with coach Riley so far. Although, I’m sure he’ll get some big time raises in the years to come. On the flip side, Despite Kansas only having one win, Texas is paying the most per win by over $200,000.

School Pay Per Win
Oklahoma $352,778
Iowa State $420,000
Oklahoma State $700,000
West Virginia $701,000
TCU $729,154
Texas Tech $875,994
Kansas State $1,066,667
Kansas $1,601,109
Texas $1,828,772