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Kansas To Wear 1861 Alternate Uniform Against Baylor

The Jayhawks have a brand new look, throwing back, way back, all the way back to the Civil War!



Kansas Athletics

The Jayhawks announced on Tuesday that they will be wearing a brand new alternate uniform on Saturday against Baylor.

The new look is a throwback to Kansas’ history as a “free state”, and is a tribute to Colonel Charles Jennison and the 7th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Calvary. The 7th Regiment, which served with the Union Army, was known as “Jennison’s Jay-Hawkers” during the Civil War.

It’s a sharp look. The flat metallic crimson helmet is a perfect balance for the crimson pants and blue jersey. They even bring in some limestone detailing on the jersey numbers that we last saw on last season’s alternate uniform. The detailing also include the swallow-tail flag on the helmets and the volunteer calvary’s crossed rifle and saber patch is shown on the gloves, thigh and on the back of the jersey.

If I have one complaint with the uniform it is that the Adidas tire tread jersey really feels out of place with the throw back look. What you do you all think of the new look?