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If The Big 12 Was Thanksgiving Dinner…

Which dish would each team be?



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What would each team be if Big 12 football was Thanksgiving dinner? It is an interesting question, and one we have attempted to definitely answer. In putting this year’s meal together we have weighted the teams with a heavier emphasis on recent seasons. Making zero apologies for any puns, this is what we came up with:

Oklahoma – Turkey

It is not called “Turkey Day” without reason. Talk about the sides all you want, Thanksgiving dinner begins and ends with turkey before anything else. Oklahoma will have a chance to three-peat as conference champions this year. The king is the king until the king is no longer.

TCU – Dinner Role

Since joining the Big 12, TCU has been a program on the rise. This year they will have a chance to play in the return of Big 12 Championship Game. Guess what else rises? Yeast rolls! (We said no apologies for any puns). And, they are delicious in their own right.

Oklahoma State – Pumpkin Pie

Turkey might be the “king” of Thanksgiving, but pumpkin pie is a close second. Some years, the turkey gets burnt and the only way to get the taste out is with a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. In recent years, Oklahoma State has had a chance to win the Big 12 on the last day of the regular season falling just shy.

Texas – Yams

To some, sweet potatoes are the best part of the meal no matter what. To others the burnt orange side dish is simply something to smile and nod at as your grandmother tells you how much she loves them. Sitting at bowl eligibility, Texas looks like it is (almost) back. Horns up and pass the yams, please.

West Virginia – Mashed Potatoes

Like stuffing, good and solid. Unlike stuffing, mashed potatoes have a crucial role, to act as a de facto bowl for extra gravy, a sorely under appreciated fact. West Virginia has shown a lot of grit and determination since joining the Big 12. Mountaineer fans feel a bit disrespected by the rest of the conference rarely seeing them as an actual challenger.

Iowa State – Stuffing

Good, solid, and with the plethora of recipes out there, sometimes very surprising. Sounds an awful lot like a team we know. Iowa State, known as being a team that could always spring the upset, is having a very solid 2017.

Kansas State – Gravy

Gravy literally makes everything better. That is why we put it on our mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey. You cannot spell Every Man A Wildcat without Bill Snyder, and like gravy, Bill Snyder makes everything better.

Texas Tech – Relish Tray

A tray full of pickles, olives, mini corn, and other assorted pickled vegetables. These dishes tend to be a bit unbalanced toward the sweeter side of things. A lot like Texas Tech’s defense, this is a tray that gets picked apart until there is nothing left. Nor are the Red Raiders fooling anybody into thinking them of a balanced football team anytime soon.

Baylor – Green Bean Casserole

Green beans, you either love them or hate them even if they are in a delicious casserole. For the present, only a very few outside of Waco have a love for the Bears. Baylor had its moment in the sun, and then the page turned. Green bean casserole might be delicious, but it still has green beans in it.

Kansas – Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce tries ever so hard every year. But, by the time it comes around the plates are full so only a little dab makes it to the meal. Kansas, we love you. We truly, truly do. But…well, you know…Jayhawk is not really what you look forward to for Thanksgiving.