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Georgia Fan “Doxes” Baker Mayfield, Blow Up His Phone

Giving the Sooner’s quarterback bulletin board material hasn’t worked for anyone else, but hey, maybe Georgia will get lucky.



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Baker Mayfield has that trait that a lot of all time greats seem to have, latching onto even the slightest slight, whether real or perceived, and using it as fuel to get better. When fans or opposing players have upped the talk, Mayfield has responded not just in the talking, but in the walking.

So giving Mayfield ammunition may not be the best strategy.¬†Just ask Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State, and West Virginia how trying to get under his skin has worked out. Or, let me just save you some time, it did not end well for Mayfield’s opponents. In fact, he took that ammunition and used it to absolutely slaughter all of those defenses.

It turns out that Georgia fans haven’t got that memo.

Mayfield posted on his Twitter account that someone had made his phone number public, and Georgia fans were blowing up his phone.

Having seen some of Mayfield’s antics, to say that this is a measured response is an understatement. In fact, Mayfield comes across as quite gracious. Time will tell how this plays out. But, if history is our guide, the guy who did this and the fans who called, they might need to start working on those apology gift baskets to the Georgia defensive players.