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The Official Visit: Arizona State Did What?

Arizona State has traveled back to the early 2000s, while Tennessee resides in a dystopian future.



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The Official Visit podcast is back once again, and becoming less related to the Big 12 with each passing week. Patrick is joined by LandGrant Gauntlet contributor Taylor Midkiff this week, as Jay Jordan is out with a torn ACL (not really, he’s just on the road, he’ll be back next week). We talk about five new commitments, and get some takes off about Iowa State’s (smart) approach to recruiting defensive talent. We also take a long look at coaching hires at Arkansas, Nebraska, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Oregon State, UCF and Florida, as well as do some talking about who Oregon and Tennessee will hire. Tennessee might hire you, so keep an eye out.

There’s a team missing from that list, but don’t think we forgot about you, Arizona State. We know exactly what you did, and we laugh at you for exactly five minutes, because you hired a coach that hasn’t coached in college in nearly 30 years. All jokes aside, if Arizona State comes out in a Wing-T with tear-away uniforms week one against UTSA, I’ll be all for it.

We spend some time previewing the Early Signing Day Period, and talk about the wave of decommitments that will likely sweep through college football very soon, as schools look to finish up their classes. Finally, we rank the five-year outlooks for Texas Tech, Baylor, West Virginia, Kansas State, and Kansas.

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